Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quinn's Nursery {Daily Diaries}

Last week Hailey told you that we're going to start giving you a peak into our homes, and this month is all about nurseries! So I hope you're ready to take a look at Quinn's nursery!

Once upon a time, when Quinn was first born, this is what her room looked like
{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Aqua, and Black

{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Black, and Aqua

But a couple of months ago I decided to change it up, because sometimes I feel the need to rearrange every room in the house. Really I was getting tired of how tight it was between the dresser, the recliner, and the window. I could either have enough space to open the curtains or open the dresser drawers. So I moved things into a less cramped arrangement.

The room is ridiculously small, so I didn't really have a lot of options, and this is the new arrangement I decided on.
{The UNDONE Blog} Cute Girl Nursery! Pink, Black, and Aqua
Now you've got to go around the bed to get the closet, but that's a lot better than the previous situation. She does have a little less open space for playing, but she does about 90 percent of her playing in the family room right now, so that's not a big deal at the moment. 

So let's go over the details, shall we?

My favorite thing is the dresser.
{The UNDONE Blog} Vintage dresser revamp
This was my dresser for basically my whole life until I gave it to Quinn. I wanted to get rid of it, but when I saw a similar dresser that my aunt painted for my cousin, I decided right then that I was going to do the same thing with mine when I had a baby girl. That was 4 years before Quinn was born, so I was holding on to that plan for a while, and I basically designed Quinn's whole room around the dresser.

I didn't do so great at painting it though. There are brush strokes everywhere, but it was my first furniture painting project, and I've learned a lot since then. One day I'm going to sand it down and make it better, but for now I'm lazy.

On top of the dresser I keep a few tins that I found on a super amazing sale at Michael's (like $1.50 each), which I use to keep binkie's, diaper rash cream, teething pills, and just random stuff.
{The UNDONE Blog} Nursery details - jewelry holder for pacifiers and hair accessories
And the cute little jewelry holder used to hold binkie's and binkie clips, but then Quinn started wanting every binkie at once, so I moved them where she couldn't see them and put some hair things on there.

In case all of those pretties displayed on the dresser weren't cute enough, an Audrey Hepburn quote can only add more cuteness, and this quote is so perfect for a little girl's room.
{The UNDONE Blog} Happy Girls are the Prettiest  - perfect quote for a girl's room!
It took me a long time to figure out how I was going to use it. My first idea was vinyl on the wall (because I didn't want to hang a heavy framed picture above her bed, which was there when I made this), but I couldn't find anything big enough that wasn't expensive. So I ended up printing a black and white print of the quote from Staples, and then Mod Podged it on to a canvas with some cute aqua wrapping paper I had. The canvas was on sale and the print was only a couple of dollars, so this was a way cheap project, and I LOVE it! Except I kind of also did a crappy job on this too. It was my first Mod Podge project and there are a few wrinkles. But meh, I still like it.
{The UNDONE Blog} Happy Girls are the Prettiest  - perfect quote for a girl's room!
No nursery is complete without pom poms! These were actually made for her 1st birthday party and then got hung above her bed when she started pulling on the canopy. I decided to just leave them there when I moved the dresser.

Just to the right of the dresser I decided to hang her first coat and some cute tutus on the back of her door, because all of those things are too adorable to be hidden in the closet.
{The UNDONE Blog} Display cute baby clothes!
Then we have the once changing table, now humidifier stand, which was a hand-me-down.
{The UNDONE Blog} Breakfast at Tiffany's Nursery
I made the curtain to make it a little prettier and hide all the diapers and toys that are hanging out down there. But my second favorite thing about this room is the Breakfast at Tiffany's pop art hanging on this wall. When I said the room was basically designed around the dresser, I used the word basically because this picture played a big part in the design too. I bought it before we found out we were having a girl and I stashed it away so Darren wouldn't know! I couldn't leave it at the store!!! Quinn loves it too, well she loves the kitty on her shoulder. lol.

On the last wall we have the one good thing in Quinn's tiny room, which is a huge closet. I've been doing some re-organizing in there lately so we can move all the diapers and toys in there when Quinn moves up to a big girl bed, but that's a whole other post! So I'll just stick to the outside right now. We ended up with an extra valance because our bedding set came with 2 and then my aunt gave us another one with her baby shower gift, but two of them fit perfectly over the closet with a cheap curtain rod from Target, so it worked out great! Valances over a closet, why not?
{The UNDONE Blog} Use a valance over a closet
The bedding was purchased online the day we had the gender ultrasound (I think I spent 20 weeks picking it out. lol) and the crib was Parker's old one. Darren said we could get a new crib, and it would have been nice to get one that matched the other furniture exactly, but babies are expensive and I thought it'd be better to spend the money elsewhere, since this crib functions fine.

Lastly there is this recliner. It used to be my great grandma's and was donated to me from my parents.
{The Undone Blog} recover a lazy boy recliner for the nursery
I amateurly  recovered it to match the room. It was this ugly yellow velvet before, and definitely not baby room friendly. This thing is the most comfy chair ever! I can't tell you how many naps I've taken in it - before and after it was in Quinn's room.

So that's Quinn's room. I've got a few more ideas swimming around for things to add. I feel like the walls are a little bit bare, and I have some frames already, but I haven't decided where to hang them. And you might remember a little while ago that I posted about Quinn getting out of her bed. Well I found out that she did that with a toy box that was close to the crib, and she hasn't done it since we moved it. I think she's going to need to move out of the crib soon though, and Darren said we can get her this Cinderella carriage bed!
The only thing I'm hesitant about is that it's a twin and her room is so small! Ah, but I want that bed for her so bad! And I'm afraid if I don't get it now it will be gone later! What do you guys think, will it match the current decor? Should we take the plunge?

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