Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Never Ending Cold {Frequent Frustration}

This Winter in Utah is FREEZING! And I don't know if you have noticed but I swear this winter season has been the worst in a long time when it comes to sicknesses. Flu, stomach bugs, pink eye, ear infections, colds, strep, croup, RSV, bronchitis, laryngitis. Does it end? And it just keeps circling and circling over and over. My facebook feed is swarming with posts about how sick everyone is. And this household has seen some of these lovely illnesses as well. We had the stomach bug back in October, Maddux had the stomach bug on Christmas Eve (and if you know me you know I seriously have a phobia of puke, bleg), I had ear infections and our boys have had colds/mild RSV for 2 1/2 weeks now and it just won't go away. Coughing, boogie eyes, running noses, and feeling yucky. It is so sad and I just want my poor boys to get better. Poor Holden keeps gagging himself because of all the gunk in his throat and wakes up with his eyes glued shut from eye boogies. We have taken them to instacare, kept them inside and still not getting better.

We just bought a humidifier so I am hoping that will be the magic we need. Also I just ordered some essential oils and hope those will also work their magic in this house.

Also I just have to vent because this is a frequent frustrations post and that is what we do in these. So my biggest hugest pet peeve, since we are talking about sicknesses, If your child is sick especially the stomach flu do not go out in public and spread your germs every where, stay home!!!!! That is how these sickness get spread. Seriously people be considerate. Ok I am done venting now. But really stay home until you are better and wash your hands. Thank you.

So how do you keep your family healthy? How do you get rid of their sicknesses? Best remedies you have heard of or tried? What do you do for your babies that are too young to take cold medicine? I could really use your help. Please and thank you.

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