Thursday, January 10, 2013

We Got a New Table!!! {Daily Diaries}

After more than 3 years we finally have an actual dining table to eat at!
{The UNDONE Blog} Dining Table

We've always had a table for eating, but I wouldn't call it a dining table. It was more like some kind of round office table, and the original legs had wheels on them! It also started out with only 3 legs, which was pretty inconvenient when Quinn came along and we needed to seat 4 people. But even though it was weird and not very pretty, Darren got it for free from his brother, and it was perfectly functional, so there was never a rush to get a new one. I did give the round one a few upgrades to try to make it a little nicer and to fix the awkward seating though.

First I recovered the top with Con-Tact Paper after it became ridiculously stained from kool-aid spills that leaked through our table cloth.
{The UNDONE Blog} Resurface a table using Con-Tact Paper
{The UNDONE Blog} Resurface a table using Con-Tact Paper
That's right, I did that with CON-TACT PAPER! I was going to use wrapping paper and Mod Podge, but then I found this cute patterned Con-Tact Paper at Target and I had a light bulb moment! I used Con-Tact paper to line a bookshelf in Parker's room, and I thought, why not try it on the table? 

It was super easy, I just stuck it on in 3 rows, over lapping the edges - this method does produce a slightly thicker area in the overlapped spot, but I'm lazy and it was hardly noticeable so I didn't care. Someone less lazy than me might want to line up the edges rather than overlapping, but with this pattern and the lighting in my kitchen no one knew except me. Lastly, I used a razor to cut the edges.

This turned out to be pretty durable as well as cute. It did get a few nicks in it when Quinn decided to hammer it with a fork one day, so it doesn't hold up to everything. I wouldn't suggest cutting or chopping food on it. But it was super easy to clean and the only scratches or dings were from the fork incident. So for about $7 and 10 minutes, it can't be beat!

The next update I did was to add some inexpensive black table legs from IKEA. When Quinn moved from her highchair to sitting at the table, the 3-legged situation was not so great. One person would have to be crammed next to a table leg and it just wasn't ideal. So I grabbed the cheapest table legs I could find (since Darren kept saying we were get a new table, but I didn't know when that would be), and just attached them with a drill - all by myself, I might add! Darren was not in favor of this project, and when that happens he doesn't usually help me complete it. But I did this in the summer and we didn't get a new table until JANUARY, so it was worth the $14 to have 6 months of uncrowded seating.

But now that you've heard all about our old table, let me tell you about the new one, and I'm going to start with the process of finding it. That was a nightmare. One thing I've learned since being married to Darren is that we have complete opposite tastes in furniture! Shopping for our home is quite a headache. That's part of why it took a while to actually get a new table. As well as the fact that I didn't really know what kind of table I wanted, I just knew I hadn't seen anything that I would like to have forever, so I guess it wasn't a big deal that we hadn't bought anything yet.

So we'd been browsing for a while and then on New Year's Day Darren heard about a sale at the furniture store, so he decided we should get a table that day. Bleh, good and bad all at same time, because we would finally have a table, but on the negative side I'd have to make a choice, and probably from limited options that I didn't care about.

At first I wasn't in love with this set, I just couldn't see it in our house. I couldn't see anything there in our house though. I did like the unique design of the table, but mostly I was having a hard time with the chairs.
{The UNDONE Blog} Dining Table
In the store the leather looked like more of a light brown/taupe-ish color, and I hated it. We were there forEVER trying to decided what to do. I'm seriously a little bit crazy sometimes when it comes to decisions. What if I found something else better later down the line? Should I settle for these strangely colored chairs if I don't love them? They're not going to be replaced anytime soon. I probably placed ever other chair in the show room next to the table before finally just deciding that I didn't care anymore. I just wanted out of that store. Darren said he wasn't going to get the table without chairs at the same time, so looking for some a different store was out, and even though I didn't love the color of the matching ones, I was starting to not care so much. I just crossed my fingers that they would look better in the lighting of our kitchen. And guess what, they look NOTHING like the ones in the store! When the dining set arrived the chairs turned out to be the exact color I was wishing they were! So all of that anxiety for nothing. 

I totally love this table that I was unsure about. I like that it have a fun and unique design with the cool woodwork under the glass top. We got some placemats to try to keep the class cleaner, but I'm sure this glass table top will soon turn into a frequent frustation
{The UNDONE Blog} Dining Table
But I like looking at the awesome wood work without the placemats! 
{The UNDONE Blog} Dining Table
It's also nice that we can fit 6 chairs! A huge upgrade from the 3-legged little circle! Too bad having this gorgeous new table is making me want to upgrade everything else in my house! I usually end up hating all of my curent furniture whenever I get something new. All my weird hand-me downs are way less tolerable when I something nice comes into the house! Am I the only one who gets like that? How do you guys go furniture shopping? Do you go in with a plan, or just browse and see what speaks to you?

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