Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wonder Woman Week {Daily Diaries}

I've decided that I'm a little bipolar when it comes to how productive I can be on any given day. Sometimes I get in a funk where I will spend days sitting around in my PJ's, barely being able to keep my eyes open, then other times I'll randomly decided to reorganize the whole basement, clean out the garage, and re-arrange every room in the house - all in one day. It would be nice if I could be consistent and do a little bit each day AND relax too, but I guess that would be too normal for me.  And it sucks because it seems like I've been in a "no motivation" funk for quite a while. I just feel bleh. I still keep things clean, but I don't feel like doing anything extra, or I dread doing what I need to do, like dishes and vacuuming. BUT I'm happy to say I've been on an upswing the past few days! Today itself is still in question, but I've been Wonder Woman every other day this week.

We just got back from vacation on Sunday, and our house was a disaster!
{The UNDONE blog} After Christmas Mess

Usually I don't get right to unpacking, but this time I had all the suitcases (except Parker's) unpacked in one day and all of the luggage put away in the basement! No dressing from my suitcase at home after this vacay! I even unpacked all of the Christmas presents the night we got home and found homes for lot of them. That process usually takes weeks, so to have all of this unpacking done in less than 2 days feels awesome to me! Especially because things are actually put away, not just unpacked.

And Yesterday I was really rocking.

I got Quinn and I both dressed and went to Victoria's Secret to score a new bra on the Semi-Anual Sale

I took down all the Christmas stuff and put it away in the basement,

will someone tell me how this tree ever fit in this box?
{The UNDONE blog} After Christmas Mess

I did the dishes,

washed 4 loads of laundry,

even folded and put away most of that laundry,

cleaned and organized the laundry room,

moved all the furniture back to the pre-Christmas tree arrangement,

played with Quinn,

succeeded in getting Quinn to nap,

cleaned the kitchen table and counters,

picked up Parker from school,

kept my sanity while Parker had a friend over,

got him to do all of his homework before his friend came over,

made a yummy dinner,

and even did some vacuuming!

But even though I'm on a roll with the cleaning and getting stuff done, my house is still a bit of mess. I took down all of the Christmas stuff, but by no means did I get things back to their pre-Christmas state. This is what my living room looked like at 5:00 yesterday - and pretty much what it still looks like this morning.
{The UNDONE blog} After Christmas Mess

And you know what? I'm fine with it. Because to me, being Wonder Woman is not just getting tons of stuff done, it's being proud of my accomplishments as well as knowing my limitations. Some days I'm Wonder Woman just for getting dressed, and any day that I fold and put away laundry is a superhero occasion.

What makes you feel like Wonder Woman?  

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