Monday, February 11, 2013

1:56PM on a Wednesday {Roll Call}

What does 1:56 PM on a weekday mean to you? To some of us it is time for errands for others it is our time while the littles nap.

Click on to see what we were wearing and what we did:

JEANS: Target  SHIRT: Target

The morning was kinda busy. I did all my cleaning while Holden was taking his morning nap and Maddux was playing. So then during this time that the roll call picture was taken both boys were down for their naps and this mama got to relax for a little bit. I got on the computer, did some blogging and even watched some TV. I am not gonna lie, it was nice. Once the kids got up and Ty was home it was time for dinner. Wednesday is our pizza day since I have a crazy night with Young Women. After dinner I headed to Young Women and the boys hung out together at home. Pretty easy going day.

HOODIE: University of Utah Bookstore, JEANS: Guess

Holy blah is all I have to say. I was not feeling well this day, and I was not looking well either! Hey, at least I'm wearing jeans and not PJ pants! I'll confess that I didn't go the extra mile to put a bra on though. Comfort is king when you're sick right? Thankfully it was just a small cold, and Wednesday was the worst I felt. I got a flu shot a while ago, so I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get anything worse this season! 

 SHIRT: Old Navy JEANS: Old Navy NECKLACE: ? I have no idea.
Sorry about the bathroom selfie. 

Well today was full of a whole lot of nothing. I got a little bit ready today because I had a Relief Society activity. We learned how to make crochet necklaces! I will have to post a pict of the necklaces I made :) It was a pretty good day overall! 

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