Monday, February 4, 2013

5:50 PM on a Friday {Roll Call}

Friday night is the kick off to the weekend, and who doesn't love that? Of course we do at Undone! Come see what we were doing and wearing just before 6 o'clock on this fun Friday!

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:50 PM on a Friday

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I actually tried to make an "outfit" and put in a little bit of effort on Friday. Unfortunately my hair was not agreeing with me. I took the time and effort to put it into a waterfall braid, but it was so fizzy and crazy that I just ended up with a ponytail. I say I get an A for effort though. Around 7 o'clock these clothes were driving me crazy too and I ended up in a t-shirt and old jeans. But again, A for effort! I'm really undecided about this look. Are the layers too bulky? I don't know, I just didn't feel as cute as I wanted to. lol. But I gave it a whole day of running errands with Quinn and a little bit of house cleaning before I changed. Then I did more cleaning and watching TV. Is it just me or have Friday nights become less exciting as a grown up? 
SHIRT & CARDIGAN: Chic Style Clothing Boutique. PANTS: Old Navy

SHIRT: Wet Seal  UNDERSHIRT: Undercover mama  JEANS: Target, NECKLACE: Very Jane  BRACELETS: Target

Hailey: I had a wonderful weekend at Time Out For Women. It's a women's conference that is spiritually uplifting and confidence boosting. I sorely needed a confidence boost, and not to mention a big spiritual boost. If Time Out For Women is coming to a city near you, I highly recommend that you go! Even if you're not LDS. It will help your confidence as a mother and a wife, but most of all, it will help YOU feel better about YOU. You will go away from this conference with a better attitude towards life. I can say this, because I learned it first hand. Anyways! I knew Whit was going to the conference as well, so when we got the Roll Call text from Tiff, we decided to take a pict at the conference together! Aren't we adorable? Lol! I love Whit so much! It was great to see her there! 

Whit: Like Hailey said we were at the Time out for Women conference when we got the text from Tiff so of course we just had to get a fun picture at the photo booth together. How can you resist a mustache on a stick right?! Love ya Hailey, such a fun idea. This was my first time at the TOFW and it was amazing. I went with my wonderful mom and I am hoping to make this a tradition each year. I loved the speakers, the thoughts, the music and most of all just how uplifted I felt after. It made me want to be a better person, to be positive, to be the brave strong woman that I know I can be and to be the mom and wife my family deserves. I highly recommend going if you can you can look it up HERE. I will be sharing one of the talks that really stood out to me either this week or next so make sure to check back its a good one.

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