Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keeping it Cool {Frequent Frustrations}

Yikes! So far today is not going my way. Quinn has a particular high pitched scream that just makes me want to scream right back at her, and she's been employing it quite a bit this morning. Blah! How do other moms keep it together? Because I'm falling apart. I've done my own screaming already and it hasn't brought me any solace. My head is pounding and my ears are ringing, not to mention I'm feeling straight up grumpy.

Poor Quinn, I just wish I knew what she was whining about so I could make her stop! Darren says I give in to her too much, and I know it's true, but honestly, I can't deal with the screaming and whining. You want 5 fruit snacks? I know I said no more 3 snacks ago, but if it will keep you from making that awful sound you can have 100!

The thing is, the longer she cries and screams, the more cranky I get, and then the more likely I am to just explode! I'll be honest, I lose my cool sometimes. I just yell and stomp off like I'm the 2-year-old (disclosure, I never hit or spank my kids or anything abusive, I just cry and melt down and maybe let out a scream or two of my own).  I swear, the frequency of that scream is fine tuned to the frustration center of my brain. It triggers extreme unhappiness and mind numbing headaches every time I hear it. Darren says to just ignore it, but the thing is I can't! That sound gets under my skin like nothing else. I keep thinking this is a horrible evolutionary development, the sound a child makes shouldn't be designed to drive the mother into an institution!

So tell me other moms, how do you keep your cool? I used to be a much more patient person. I never remember having this problem with Parker. I don't know why I can't keep it together anymore! In all honesty I think it might have to do with being a stay at home mom now. There's a constant exposure to the not so fun side of children.  I used to have a lot of things going on in my life, college, work, homework, ect, and I think I just had more things to divert my thoughts too when Parker would throw a tantrum. Or maybe I get upset when I can't control the situation. When I don't know how to or can't stop the whining it's really hard for me. I don't know, I just don't like it, and I don't want to feel like a crazy person anymore. Tell me how to regain my patience, or at least numb the headaches!

Oh, and I guess I don't want my daughter to be a spoiled brat from getting everything she wants all the time... HELP ME!


Whit said...

I need help too I am at the end of my rope lately and I think part of it is being cooped up and this horrible winter.

Hailey said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone! Set some time aside for you to get out of the house and away from the kids each week. It sounds like you could use some time to recoup. My husband takes one of his days off to get up with our daughter and take care of her while I lay in bed and read. It may seem small, but it's what I need to recharge. I think I'd start pulling my hair out otherwise. I love my little one, but she seems to know all my buttons.

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