Friday, February 1, 2013

Product Favorites! {Daily Diaries}

So this whole week I've been debating on what to write about. And I was coming up with NO ideas! It's so frustrating when you get writers block! So I turned to some of my Facebook friends and they sent  me in the Hair and Makeup direction! SO! I thought that I would share just SOME of my favorite Hair, Skin, and Makeup Products. So, here you go!

Sorry, the photo is dark and blurry. What can I say? I'm a hairdresser, not a photographer. But don't you worry! I will tell you what each product is and why I like it! From left to right.

-Unite Beach Day. This is a texturizing spray that I usually use on second day hair. It just adds some life to my limp hair second day hair and gives it a fresh look. It's kind of like a "coconut-beach hair" spray that you see on pinterest, but it's a ton better and it actually smells nice. You can also use it on damp hair to give you nice beach waves, or you can spray it on the roots of your hair before blow drying to give your hair extra volume. This stuff is magical. You can't buy Unite anywhere except for in select salons. If you want to know where, leave a comment and I will direct you to a salon :)

-True Blue. This is a shea butter body cream from Bath and Body works. I won't lie to you, this product feels super oily at first. I usually put this on right after I get out of the shower or right before I go to bed. I hate the feeling of oily hands. But my skin is so dry right now with this sick Utah weather. Like, cracked hands and feet dry. This never happens to me! I guess it's because I'm getting older? Blah. Anyways. It smells like coconut. And it clears up my dry skin. Try it!!!

-Unite 7Seconds to Condition. I LOVE this product. I spray it on my hair after every time I wash it. It gives my dry hair extra moisture. Like I said, this Utah weather sucks the life right out of my body! Everything is so dry! This product literally seals the cuticle and protects your hair from all of the pollutants and harsh weather. It's a must have for my hair. I can't live without it. Like I said, if you want to know where to buy Unite, let me know and I will help you find a salon near you :)

-Maybeline Falsies Mascara. I love this mascara! The brush is AWESOME! And the formula is really light. It doesn't feel like I'm caking mascara on my lashes. This wand sweeps your lashes outward so you get a "winged" look. Meaning that the lashes on your outer corner are flared and long. And I love that look! Everyone has their favorite mascara and it's hard to try something new, but I promise, try this stuff and you will love it!

-Eyes Lips Face neutral eyeshadow palette. Thats right! I use ELF products. Some ELF products are better than others and I was pretty skeptical when I bought this palette. But it has proven itself worthy of a spot on my vanity! I bought this palette at TJMaxx for $15! Can you believe that?! One little eyeshadow from Mac costs that much! I'm really impressed with product and I love the colors that this palette provides. Remember, always use a primer before you apply any eyeshadow. It will make your eyeshadow last all day long and it won't crease! My favorite primer is "Painterly Paint Pot" from Mac. It's expensive, but it will last you for forever! Invest in a good primer!

-bareMinerals foundation (not pictured, I can't find it! I blame Gracie.), warmth, and mineral veil. This stuff is awesome! I have super sensitive skin. And this product gives me the coverage and dimension that my face desperately needs. The formula is so gentle that you can sleep in it. And lets be honest. By the end of the day, who wants to wash their makeup off? I know I don't! I brush my teeth while I'm half asleep and thats all I can muster before I hit the hay. And this stuff lasts all day long! I bought my kit at Macys. It came with those three powders, two brushes, one concealer brush and brush cleaner. I think all of it was $60. Which is a screaming deal. I've seen it at TJMaxx before, I don't know how much it was. But Take a look around. Just make sure you get the right shade. If you go to the bareMineral counter at Macys (or wherever) they will match the foundation to your skin tone and give you some helpful hints on contouring. I love bareMinerals!

Too Faced Pixie Pinup palett- Another great eyeshadow palette. And lets be honest, what too faced product isn't good? Everything I've bought from too faced is AWESOME! You can't go wrong. It's quality is just like Mac. It's definitely more expensive. But the quality is great. Can you tell what colors I use the most? lol! You can find too faced at Sephora or Ulta.

Mac Blush in PeachTwist: I love Mac makeup. It's no secret. And this is my favorite blush. Perfect warmth for winter and perfect glow for spring and summer. I use it year round. It's great!!! You know where you can find Mac :)

bigsexyhair Spray & Play hairspray: I adore aerosol hairspray. Especially Big Sexy. It has great hold. I usually only use it for my updos and ponytails as a finishing spray because it dries hard and is a little heavy. But, like I said, it has great hold. And if you're kid is anything like gg, you need a good hairspray for your pony tail. She loves me mess with my hair and bigsexy helps keep it in place all day! I've found bigsexy at TjMaxx as well. Can you tell that I shop there frequently?

Pink Sugar Perfume: So, after I became a mommy I worried about the perfume I would wear. I am a freak and over think everything. I thought the current perfume I was using (flower bomb) was a little too much for a small infant to be inhaling while I nursed. SO I searched for another perfume that was light and pleasant for a baby to smell. (I can not NOT wear perfume. I feel weird without it. Am I alone in this?) And I found this little gem. It smells like sugar! lol! Well, if I could pinpoint any smell, it would be cotton candy. But it's a really light smell. It doesn't smell like your head is being shoved in a cotton candy maker, or anything. It's just a really sweet, feminine, pleasant smell. Jared likes it a lot :) You can find it at Sephora or Ulta.

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Control: I love this Shampoo and Conditioner! It makes my hair feel silky smooth. And the price is just right. After I quite my job so I could become a full time mom, our budget drastically changed. I used to buy shampoo that was like $30 a bottle. (I know, don't judge) So,when my last bottle of expensive shampoo was used up, I didn't know what to do. I decided to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I had no luck!!! All store bought shampoos and conditioners sucked! Then I discovered Dove. It saved my life! (well, my hairs life.) You can literally feel the moisture seeping into your hair and it smells so good! You can buy this at any grocery store, OR you can buy it at Costco in bulk! It comes in a huge bottle with a pump. It's like $10 a bottle. But it will last you forever!

WELL! There you have it! I hope this post was of some help to you ladies! I'm a product junkie. And I would love to share more helpful hints and tips. Would you gals like that? Also, I'm thinking of doing some quick makeup/hair tutorials. What would you like to see? Fast Beach Waves? A quick smokey eye? A 5 minute updo? Give me some ideas and I will post a tutorial soon!



Crash220 said...

I need all these. haha ESPECIALLY the one for dry hair. that has me written all over it.

Also, I'm so excited to find out you have a blog. and I LOVE the idea behind it. You gals are so cute!


Whitney Leigh said...

dang it. Landon was logged into my email so that comment ^^ came from his account. how embarrassing. haha

Tiffany Renee said...

I love that True Blue Spa lotion! The foot lotion is AWESOME too! I think I need to go to Bath and Body, I'm running low on my lotions! lol.

Kristie said...

So where do you find Unite? I am a licensed cosmetologist. And those products interest me!
I love the "expensive" shampoos, and usually a liter of each shampoo and conditioner lasts me 3 months or more. So in the long run, it is the same price as the drug store kind. Good info on the Dove stuff. I usually grab Suave professionals if I have to grab something. It works well for my medium thickness, medium dryness hair.
Also, have you tried the ELF primer? Cheap, but it works so good!

hailey said...

If you live in Utah, I know of a couple salons in northern Utah that carry it. ( Panache, Thomas Hardy Salon...)But if you go to peerless beauty supply they can hook you up with a bunch if unite samples (that you have to pay for...) but it is an awesome product line! Highly reccomend them. I love the expensive shampoos too!!!! My fave was pureology. But ever since they were bought by Loreal, I think they have changed the formula in some of their shampoos and conditioners :( and I will have to try the ELF face primer!!!!! I've been looking for a cheap one! Thanks!!!!

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