Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sick Leave {Frequent Frustrations}

If there's one thing about motherhood that doesn't rock, it's that you can't call in sick. Yesterday I wasn't feeling my best. I wasn't knock down, drag out, full fledged sick, (thank Zeus!) but I was feeling tired and yucky, which is not fun. All I wanted to do was be alone and read my gross zombie book with no sounds or distractions until bedtime. Unfortunately my family had other plans for me.

Quinn decided it was a good day not to nap and be extra needy. Then Darren stayed late at work, so there was no relief.  Even when he did make it home, Quinn and Parker still need me for everything. Quinn was dragging me up and down the stairs and all around the kitchen so I could grab random things for her, and Parker can't find anything ever (and neither can Darren), so there was no peace for me. Not to mention I was tripping over toys and shoes with every step. At least we ordered pizza for dinner, so there was one solace.

Blah. If only I could have called in and spent the day in bed. Is that really too much to ask? It's rough being the one who keeps everything running, because when you're undone, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else comes undone too. I was on the verge of tears just wishing I could have some time to myself. If anyone else in the house was feeling yucky they'd have no problem getting their relaxation time, but mom's have it different I guess.  I'm glad it was only a slight case of the yuckies though, and I'm feeling much better today. I don't want to think about the state my house or my mind would be in if I need two days off!

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