Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3:08PM on a Sunday {Roll Call}

What were you doing this Sunday? Here in Utah it was a rainy day so it was a nice day to stay inside and snuggle up, relax a little and maybe even justify a nap. Come see how we spent the last day of the weekend here at Undone.

Click on to see where we got our outfits and what we were doing.

SHIRT: Old Navy  SKIRT: Target  SHOES: Target 

At this time I had just gotten home from church and the boys up in their chairs eating a late lunch (dang church is right during lunch and nap so Sunday schedules are all wack). We get out of church at 2 but I stayed talking to some friends of ours. Sometimes I feel like that is the only time I see curtain people due to all of our crazy lives and schedules. I need to change that. I feel like I see more people during the spring/summer. Maybe because people are more willing to be out and about during the warm months. I am so craving the spring weather right now. After this picture we put the boys down for naps, ate lunch and Ty and I took a nice little Sunday snooze as well. I like having an excuse on Sundays to both get all dolled up and to also take a nap and relax later on. Perfect combination of a day I think.

HOODIE: University of Utah Bookstore, JEANS: Charlotte Russe

If you haven't noticed I basically live in this hoodie with a bun on the top of my head. That's my life, glamorous as can be. It's really cold in my house, ok! Anyway, this Sunday was just about the laziest day of all the lazy days. Darren was sickish and moping around the house, so we kind of just watched afternoon TV and took a nap. Great times! 

SHIRT: Zumiez CARDIGAN: I don't know...My parents bought it in CA for me. JEANS: I know you can't see them, but they are from DownEast Outfitters. They are Big Star Jeans and I got them for $40! Awesome! GG's outfit is from Babies R Us. 'Rella (aka Cinderella) is on her shirt. She LOVES this outfit.

Today Grace went to Nursery for the first time at church today! (They have a playroom where a couple adults watch 18 months and older kids, while the other adults go to their church classes without any kiddie's distracting them.) It was so sweet to see her interact with other kids. (Yeah, she doesn't do that a lot) I can't believe that she's 18 months old! When we got home from church around 4:30, I put GG down for a nap and started dinner for Jared and I. Grace slept until 7pm which gave Jared and I some much needed time together. It was a good Sunday! PS. Notice I cut my hair? And went blonder? I'm dying for spring/summer to get here!

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