Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5:47 on a Friday {Roll Call}

Everyone loves Friday, right? It's almost as great as Saturday! Let's see how we were kicking off our St. Patrick's Day weekend at Undone.

Read, read, read on if you please!


I spent almost the whole day at my parents house. I felt house bound this week. So it was nice to spend the day away from home for a bit. Jared, Grace and I spent that night playing in the living room and enjoying one of our last weekends are our home together. Moving is a bitter sweet feeling. I can't wait till we find a place to live and are all settled. BLAH!

SHIRT: Thrifted (post to come about my thrift shopping experience!), TANK, BELT, & JEANS: Aeropostale, WATCH: Fossil

This day started out TERRIBLE with having to clean up cat poop from the stupid animal hiding under Quinn's bed when we put her to sleep. BLEH! Sometimes I hate having pets! But my day was much improved by 5:00 since I got a lovely nap, and then had a spur of energy to get my house looking somewhat pretty. And it got even better when Darren got home and opened the package that had been sitting on the porch all day,  because it turned out to be a new snowboard FOR ME!!!! I've been wanting this pretty girl for so long and was told it wasn't in the budget. I was SOOOOOO surprised! And happy, and thankful, and straight up giddy! Now I hope I'll actually get a chance to ride it before the snow is gone! 

SHIRT: DownEast Outfitters  PANTS: H&M  SHOES: Payless

This past week was my husband's Spring Break (Wahoo). We stayed home for the first half and then decided at the last minute that it would be fun to go down to St. George and hang out with some family for the weekend. It was a blast, it was warm and it was nice to see family we don't see all the time. The weekend was full of laughing, games, movies, shooting, shopping, eating out, hanging out outside, shorts, relaxing in the hammock, and talking. On Friday when roll call was called I was at a buffet in Mesquite. In the Ulrich family we LOVE crab so we got a babysitter for all the kids and the adults went down for some crab and other buffet goodness.

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