Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A mom of Action not of Routine {Daily Diaries}

As I was looking through my past pins I came across this awesome quote that I saved a while back. I am so glad I was looking through pinterest at the time, because I really needed to see/read this. Lately I have been feeling a little blah. You know what I mean nothing is particularly wrong but nothing is particularly right either and you just feel blah. Like you are a zombie just trying to get through the day and then when night comes, the kids are in bed and you think to yourself what did I do today and you can't really think of anything worth remembering that you did. Yeah that is how I have been feeling. Maybe it is because this darn winter has felt so long and I am really getting cabin fever, maybe it is my health (I have been feeling sick pretty much since Holden was born, something is off but I'm not sure what), maybe I just don't have the right attitude and maybe I am not taking enough action.

When I read the quote through again I realized I need to keep my priorities straight. People are always saying it doesn't matter how messy your house it you just need to create memories with your children, and even though I agreed with this statement I just never really put it into practice. Now I am not saying I am just going to let my house go, I am way too much of a clean freak/OCD to do that but I need to really work on and focus on what is the most important and that is my to beautiful boys. so yes if it did have to come down to choosing between my boys and a clean house it is a no brainer. My boys really are my world.

I catch myself reading blogs and working on my own blogs instead of playing with Maddux, I find myself shushing my boys when I am trying to watch something, I find myself ignoring them when I am trying to get the house clean or the laundry done or doing a craft. What the heck? I sound like the worst mother in the world. I mean I don't do this all the time, of course, and I don't ignore them 24/7, and I do play with them and take care of all their needs, but I need to really be there in their lives.

They are growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a thing. Holden is 7 months today and Maddux is 3 next month. I can't believe how fast the time is going. They are not little very long and I want to embrace this time I have with them. I am so lucky to be a stay at home mom and I feel like I have been taking advantage of this blessing. No more. I am grateful to be home with them and I am going to stay showing them that.

I want to create memories every single day even if we are home all day, I want to play, I want to teach and I want to be the mom that those sweet little guys deserve. I want to be a better mom, and mom of action not of routine. I love my boys more than anything in this whole world, I would do anything for them, and that means being there for them ALWAYS.

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