Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment {Practicing Pinterest}

So sometimes I break out. Not ever really bad at my current age, but I often have one or two straggly pimples hanging around, and it's a lot worse when it's that time of the month. And now I have to admit that I don't always take care of my skin the way I should. I have a tendency to leave my makeup on at night, a lot, and I don't always wash my face before I put new make up on the next day. I'm lazy, ok! Not saying that I never wash my face, I just don't do it as much as I should, so I'm probably lucky that I don't get more break outs. I should also admit that I can't just leave it alone when I have a pimple, I'm terrible about popping and picking. Bleck, disgusting right? So now you know all my dirty secrets...

I am at least really vigilant about applying acne medicine when I do have a break out though. I might even go a little overboard on that front. I go through a tube of acne cream pretty fast, and I'm always trying new ones. Maybe not the best plan, but meh, that's me. So when I ended up with one of the worst break outs I've had in a while and no acne creams on hand I decided to try something I saw on Pinterest. Apple cider vinegar toner.

I've seen a few things on Pinterest about this method and I've been wanting to try it for awhile, but again, I'm lazy, so it took an actual break out to cause action. Annnnnnd, I'll admit, I have mostly continued about my lazy ways of not always washing my face before bed.... but after less than a week I've seen some good results with this toner!

The original pin gives different "ratios" of ACV to water, but I was just winging it at first and tried to recreate the concoction from memory, so I used pure ACV(and not organic like the pin calls for either), with just as squirt of lemon juice. Even though I haven't seen any adverse effects from the non-diluted solution, I think I will water it down since I don't want any to appear.

I HAVE seen some positive effects though! I've been applying this at least once a day (sometimes twice) with a cotton pad before my moisturizer and makeup (sometimes I even washed my face beforehand like I'm supposed to), and my pimples are pretty much gone after less than a week! Now it may be that my lady time has passed and so I'm just clearing up naturally, but I really do feel like the ACV helped reduce the redness and quickly healed some of the pimples that I had picked at.

I tried to take a before picture, but I'm not very skilled at taking close up photos of myself with my DSLR camera and my phone just couldn't get enough detail to show how bad my break out really was. So sorry I can't give you visuals of the results, but just know that I am pleased with them.

I've never had "severe" acne, and I already mentioned that my skin has improved as I've become an adult, but it's enough for me to not want to leave the house without foundation or concealer. But I plan to continue with the ACV toner and maybe by summer I can be wearing less makeup on my face! Also maybe I'll try to be a little bit better about removing my makeup at night ;) There is one downside to ACV though, and that's the smell. This stuff seriously STINKS! I'm hoping that using the diluted version will help in that aspect too. We'll see. I'll definitely be updating you all about the long term results, and I'd love to hear how it works for others as well!


Katelyn Krum Shaw said...

Are you using organic? I wonder if you used organic raw apple cider vinegar if the results would come sooner.

Tiffany Renee said...

I am not using organic right now, I just used what I had at the house, but the result were pretty good. Maybe because I didn't dilute it. lol. I've decided to go ahead and buy some cream for spot treatment and stuff though. I wouldn't say the vinegar method is PERFECT for me, but I'm trying to improve my skin care all around, so I hav a feeling I will see even better results when I get better at washing my face before bed :)

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