Friday, March 29, 2013

The Good News and The Bad News {Daily Diaries}

First item of business:

If you read my post last week then I'm sure you're dying to know what I finally decided to get Quinn for Easter. Oh the suspense! I'm sure it was as agonizing for you to wait as it was for me to choose! No? No one's really worried about it at all except for me? Well I'm going to tell you anyway.

Drum roll please.............................................

Ta Da! It's Lalaloopsy, Harmony B Sharp! Otherwise know as the singing Lalaloopsy doll.

So what made me finally choose? Well I had a little bit of help from Whit and Hai (sort of, at first they told me it was all cute, but then they confirmed with me when I was leaning towards Harmony), and I also consulted A LOT more reviews. If you remember, I wasn't sure about this doll because the reviews from Target said that the doll was not good for younger kids, but then I went to Amazon to get more opinions. In truth, reviews can kind of make things worse for me, because there are always people who have great experiences and people who have terrible ones, and I never know which ones to trust. Well the reviews on Amazon gave me a lot more to consider, and one in particular said that kids who love to sing and dance will like this toy. That sold me. Every day Quinn is dancing and twirling around. With that prompting I could imagine her dancing and singing with the doll, and I thought that would be more fun than any of the other toys I had in mind. Even if she isn't able to change the hair pieces easily right now, nothing is stopping her from dancing and singing along! So the singing Lalaloopsy it was! And the fact that this doll was a great deal made it even better. Especially since I found some Target giftcards hanging around and with my Target debit card and the clearance sale I only ended up paying $12.49 for this toy that is originally priced $45! She is still $35.99 on Amazon and $29.99 at Toys R Us, so I feel pret-A, pret-A, pret-A good (any Curb Your Enthusiasm fans out there?) about this choice.  

EXCEPT..... I just learned she probably won't be here in time for Easter! Wah wah wah...  All of that agonizing over which toy to get and it won't even be here! I should have spent less time thinking and more time ordering! I'm one day off! I did TRY to make sure I had my mind made up in time, but apparently I didn't factor in the fact that the day I make the order on doesn't count as one of my 3 to 5 business days. AND of course this delivery is taking the full 5, according to UPS tracking information. It's also kind of Darren's fault. He wouldn't let me order the doll when I first made up my mind, so I gave him the maximum allotted grace period before I bugged him again, which I guess was too long. Haha! Oh well, I do have some other stuff for Quinn, and I'm sure it won't matter to her if she gets the doll on Easter or not. But still, LAME! 

Parker's Hero Factory arrived today though, so at least some of my plans are in tact! 

Now, the second item of business: 

You may have noticed a small lack of posts around Undone lately... Of course, I can't get enough of my own jabbering, but I suppose you guys might prefer some variety. Have no fear! Undone has NOT been converted to "The Random Ramblings of Tiffany", Hailey and Whit have both just been REALLY busy the last little while. As you all know, Hailey sold her house and she's moving THIS WEEK! So, understandably, she's been a little occupied, and has decided to take some time off of writing Undone so she can be a little bit undone. 

And Whit, well, Whit is just a crazy person with so many things going on in her life and she needed a moment to get caught up. So you got stuck with just me for a couple of posts, but this is Undone, so it should be expect that sometimes we fall apart! Hopefully we should be back in full working order (or the Undone version) pretty soon, AND we've got some fun new ideas for the blog as well! In the meantime we hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and Spring Break! 

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