Friday, April 26, 2013

Hair cuts and growing up {Daily Diaries}

This past month has been a big month for Grace. She moved into a new house. (Grandpa and Grandma Gomez's house). She finally grew in her 4 molars. She has explored new playgrounds. And last but not least, she got her first haircut! I thought I would show you a little before and after. Now, remember. I'm no photographer. I'm a mom. I snap picts when gg gives me the opportunity. (Which are few!) SO here are my very undone pictures of Gracie.

Here is Gracie and Jared on our way home from the playground. As you can see, her hair is mullet-ish. Long and stringy in the back and pretty short in the front. 

Just another view of her mullet. lol!

And another view. This is when her hair is actually done. Still Mullet-ey. (note, her hair is tucked behind her ears. Lol!)

Mid hair cut with Gracie. (and my MIL in the background. lol) Grace did really well as I cut her hair. I just sat her on the counter and set up the Ipad to play Pocahontas. She didn't move very much which was awesome!

After her hair cut. Just chilling on the counter.

Here she is again with her hair all done and a clippy half way out of her hair. She is so sweet! Don't you love her little cowlick in the front? Her hair naturally just sweeps to the side. It doesn't look like she will ever be able to have straight across bangs in the foreseeable future. 

And here she is with me. I love that cheesy grin. (That is covered in chocolate. That was her reward for being a good girl during her hair cut.) I also love that she doesn't have a mullet. 

I can't believe how fast babies grow up. I remember a lot of people telling me when I was pregnant that babies grow up so quick. And I thought "WHATEV! I can't wait to get this kid out of me and then onto college!" hahaha! But it's so true. Grace has gone from an infant to a little girl in a blink of an eye. Next it's going to be kindergarten and high school graduation. Where does the time go?! One thing is for sure, I'm going to soak up every minute of her little self. From the crazy temper tantrums to the midnight snuggles, and everything in between. It's amazing how a little haircut changed my baby into a little girl. I love her! Anyways, I'm pretty impressed with my haircutting skills as well as Gracie's 'holding still' skills. Hahaha! TEAM GOMEZ!!!!!!

Keep posted ladies! I'm coming up with some awesome hair and makeup tutorials coming soon!!!!!! Get excited!!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free and Easy ways to Go Green {Daily Diaries}

In honor of Earth Day earlier this week I decided to do a post about going green. Being eco friendly is something that's pretty important to me. Now that I've said that, I should also reveal that I'm a big fat hypocrite. I am definitely not as "green" as I'd like to be. Being entirely eco friendly can be hard! It means changing all of your ways, and that's no easy task! Especially when the society you live in is mainly structured in the non-eco friendly way. Sometimes it seems like being green is just inconvenient, expensive and downright overwhelming. But don't fret friends, going green doesn't have to be that way! I would love to have solar panels on my house, drive a car with zero emissions (or walk more than I drive), live entirely off of food grown in my own yard, send nothing to the landfill, and just be an all around eco-diva, but I haven't reached that level yet. I'm Undone and still working my way up, which is fine, because everyone has to start somewhere, right? And that somewhere is usually the cheap/free and easy stuff - which I'm ready to share with all of you other Undone greenies who find yourself overwhelmed with the whole idea.

So get ready to go green for FREE with these easy methods
{The UNDONE blog} free and easy ways to go green

- Wash clothes in cold water - Up to 80% of the energy used by your washing machine is from heating. Wowza! I buy Tide Cold Water HE detergent, which cost the same as the regular Tide HE detergent, and works exactly the same too. I have seen NO difference in clenliness since I started using cold water, so don't be afraid! I still use hot when I need to sanitize things or there is a particularly bad stain, but as for regular loads, it's cold all the way.

- Unplug electric devices when they're not in use - Some things like TV's, computers, and stereos can be annoying to unplug, but the "status lights" on these devices are drawing power even when they're off, so try putting them on a power stip with a switch to make unplugging easier. And don't forget all of those small appliances, like curling irons, coffee makers, phone chargers, and toasters. I don't know how many times my husband's tried to make toast in a the unplugged toaster...

- Wear your clothes more than once before washing - What!? Gross right!? No, not really, this doesn't mean wear dirty clothes, it just means don't wash them if they aren't dirty. Now you can admit it, you guys were doing this already without even knowing it's green, I'm a mom, I know what's up. The only items that I wash after single uses are things that come in direct contact with skin, so undies, undershirts, socks, and those kinds of things, and also stuff that just doesn't look nice on a second wear, - usually tight fitting or thin T-shirts. Of course if a piece of clothing actually gets dirty (which happens a lot when you're a mommy, it's true) then I wash it before wearing it again, otherwise, jeans, sweaters, jackets and such usually get 2 or 3 wears (at least) before washing. You might all think differently about my hygene now, but whatevs, I know I'm not wearing "dirty" clothes. I will say pretty much ALL of my kids clothes get washed after each wear though, they're just too messy to make it through a day without getting dirty.

- Shorten your shower time - I'll admit, I have a hard time doing this, showers are my favorite! But less time in the shower means less water down the drain and less work from your hot water heater.

- Opt for paperless bill pay - many places offer online bill payment, which is not only super convenient  but eco friendly as well! I love that I have less papers cluttering up our house!

- Turn down the heat - Keeping your thermostat just a couple of degrees lower in the winter and higher in the summer requires less energy from your furnace and air conditioning, and it also saves you dough on your monthly bills! Plus, having it a little cooler in the house makes me feel less guilty about living in a hoodie...

- Turn down the temp on your water heater - Setting your water heater at 120 degrees instead of the standard 140 will reduce the amount of energy used as well as prolong the life of the appliance and pipes. Oh, and this one will save you cash too, we like that right?

- Buy local - It won't be long before local farmers markets are up and running, and shopping here doesn't just support your local economy, it lowers your carbon foot print! The further items have to travel to reach you, the more gas and energy they use. Then there's also the benefit that buying fresh food from the farmers market is pretty much a lot healthier.

Isn't it great when green tips can pull double duty? You're not just helping the planet, but you're helping your wallet and your health too! Bonus! I hoped this little list makes going green a little bit less overwhelming for you. And for all of you ladies craving more, I've got a whole line up of other ways to go green.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Oh and feel free to share any of your own great tips for going green, I'd love to hear what all of the other eco-conscious mommies are up to!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8:55 AM on a Thrusday {Roll Call}

What do you look like before noon? Have you showered? Have you eaten any breakfast yet? Lets see what these smokin' hott mommies are up to on this cold/blustery thursday morning. 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion - 8:55 AM on a Thursday

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Clicking my heels {Daily Diaries}

My life as of late has consisted of a few things. Driving back and forth from Layton to West Jordan (where we now live.), taking care of baby Grace, taking care of Grandma Grace, cleaning my inlaws house (where we live.), and finding my norm. And let me tell has not been easy.

I like change. I really do! But, not this kind of change. Right now we are living at my in laws house. It's been a tough adjustment. Grace has not taken the move well. She was so stressed out and fussy for the first week here. I thought I was going to go crazy! But I kept telling myself that Grace doesn't understand what's going on and why we moved. It was so sad to see her struggle. But I loved the extra snuggles and late night cuddling. Gg is finally adjusted, I think.

But, one of the major reasons why we moved here is because of Jared's 93 year old Grandmother, Grace. She is my mother in laws mother. And my mother in law works during the day and really needs someone here to watch over grandma while she's at work. Grandma Grace is so sweet. And taking care of her is seriously an honor. And she really isn't a "high need" elderly woman. She can still walk on her own (with a walker), feed herself, go to the restroom by herself, etc. She is amazing. But she does need a bit of reminding when it comes to remembering where she is and why she's here. Other than that, she's pretty good :) So everyday I get to watch the 2 Graces. "Big Grace" and "Little Grace". They keep me on my toes.

So as we were moving/selling our home I thought it would be so easy to find another home to move into. "We'll be at my in laws for a month. TOPS!", I told myself. Now. I'm not so sure. It seems like there is nothing out there right now! It's so frustrating. And I'm finding myself getting discouraged and beat down. I want my own home. I want a place to call our own! You know that old saying that goes "You don't know what you've had until you've lost it." Yeah. That's ringing really true right now. I miss our old home so much! I won't lie to you, I BAWLED my eyes out the night that we left our home. I cried and cried and cried. My eyes were so swollen the next day it looked like I had been beat. I think I was just sad to say goodbye to our first home. Where we brought Grace to, first thing from the hospital. Where we put lots of sweat into our yard. Where we planned every detail, every inch of that house to be the way we wanted it. And suddenly. It was all gone. And we had nothing. We have nothing. Still. And it's a bummer.

Onto other news. House hunting is sorta fun. I've seen a lot of great homes and a lot of crappy homes. (NOTE TO SELLERS: If you want to make and good impression on any buyer, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!!! We actually saw a house today that had crap in the toilet. Um, HELLO! FLUSH!!!!! Definitely not buying that house.) It's fun to see peoples different styles and see what I like and what I don't like in a home. I hope we can find a home soon.

As for me, I'm just hanging in there. It's really not bad staying at my in laws! They have been more than hospitable and are so sweet to us. (Not to mention they love to babysit Grace. So Jared and I have gone on a lot of dates lately. It's been fun!) But I really would love to NOT live out of boxes and have a place of my own. I just wish that I had some buddies here in WJ. Grace and I desperately need some play dates. DESPERATELY! So if you live in/close to WJ, hit us up! (Or let us in on all of your secret/awesome playgrounds. That would be great:)) I think it would help our time go by a little faster while we're here too. And that wouldn't hurt. Anyways. I hope you've enjoyed my rambling/ silly update on my life.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm a Caffeine Addict {Daily Diaries}

I've seen enough TV shows to know that the first step is admitting that you have a problem. So here goes... My name is Tiffany and I can't live without energy drinks. I go through different levels of dependency with this substance, and when I first discovered the delicious non-carbonated RockStar Recovery, I might have been drinking one a day... Everyday... The lack of bubbles and the super yummy taste basically eliminated all of the things that would keep me from drinking too many energy drinks before.

Let me introduce you to a little something I like to call Heaven in a Can

{The UNDONE blog} RockStar

Also my best friend, the only one who understands me, lifts me up when I am down, makes me happy when skys are grey... Did I say Heaven in a can already? I'm a firm believer that there are no problems that can't be solved with a RockStar. 

I said I have problem, right?

But I don't care what anyone thinks. I can quit any time I want.

I just don't want to...

Ok, truth is I DO go on breaks all the time. But mostly because I build up a caffeine tolerance after a few weeks of heavy energy drinking, and that just takes all the fun away! Why bother drinking an energy drink when it doesn't give me any kick?

For reals though, I've gone through stages where I've been so tired all the time that I wished I could just inject caffiene straight into my veins. An 8 AM class, anyone? Yeah, I was drinking 2 energy drinks a day just to stay conscious back then. Months of night feedings with a new baby? Moving to one nap a day with a toddler? If it weren't for energy drinks I might have had to declare my house as an official dump site. I don't know how people can live without caffeine, I really don't. I'd like to give all of those peeps a giant pat on the back, because you're stronger than I ever could be.

Don't worry though guys, I'm currently off the juice. As in not drinking it daily, or even weekly. GO me! I still have my Live Wire Mountain Dew about 4 times a week (or less, I've been cutting back on that too), but I'm only drinking the hard core stuff when I'm in serious need of energy. Which is the way I like it best, because I love having that friend I can turn to when I need a pick me up.

So there you go, sometimes I wonder how I even make it day to day with all the craziness. The answer is lots and lots of store bought liquid energy. And when that doesn't work I just cry. Anyone else out there as hooked as me?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Home Movie Night {Daily Diaries}

Sometimes I get so caught up in life and running here, going there, picking this up, doing this project, going to this blog event, checking email, cleaning the house and any other day to day task that I sometimes just forget to enjoy life. Enjoy the moment and the time that I have with my little family. I am so lucky to be the mom to my two adorable boys and I need to work on letting things go and just play sometimes. Of course I have to be responsible and get the day to day tasks done but most importantly I need to spend time with my babies. The things in my life that mean the very most to me. My favorite times and memories are playing cars with Maddux on the floor, making Holden giggle and watching their faces as we play at the park together. So I am going to bask in those moments. I am going to hold them in my heart and lock them up to remember and hold onto forever. I am going to focus on playing, teaching, and snuggling my kids.

Lats night Ty and I decided it would be fun to shut down all the electronic devices {phones and computers} for the evening and just spend time together. Talk and play and watch some Wreck it Ralph. We popped some popcorn, got in some comfies, got all snuggled in the master bedroom bed, and laughed together as we enjoyed the movie and listened to Maddux quote the whole thing. So adorable. If you haven't seen this movie, get your kids, pop some popcorn and watch it. It is so cute and you and your kids will love it.

So heres to being a better mom, enjoying the moment, playing with the boys more, getting on their level and teaching them life lessons.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Celebrating Others {Daily Diaries}

I wanted to post this last time, but then I got all tangled up with Easter basket mishaps and official business and I decided to hold off because I felt like this content deserved to shine in the spotlight of its own post. A little while ago Whitney posted this post about celebrating the success of others. Her sweetness seriously brought tears to my eyes! And the timing couldn't have been more relevant, since Hailey and I just barely watched Whitney shine on Studio 5. It felt so great to just be there for our friend. Of course it was exciting for Hailey and me to be backstage at a TV show, but the best part was cheering for Whitney. That fun experience coupled with Whit's post really made me realize how much better I feel when I celebrate my friend's successes rather than being envious of them. And I'll admit, I get envious, who doesn't? Especially with the way the internet shoves things like Pinterest and zillions of beautiful blogs in our face, it's not always easy to NOT want what others have and in turn to feel bad about yourself. Hey, that's basically what started this blog! With so many wants all around us it really does feel great to take a step back and just be happy for others. Happiness is contagious! I don't want go on and on since Whitney already wrote such a great post, but I wanted to let you all know how much I loved it and that I wanted to follow her example and celebrate some of my wonderful friends too.

So let's get this party started!


Whit - You've done SO amazing with your blog, and you deserve every bit of the recognition you've been getting lately. I'm so happy for you! Your craftiness is so impressive, and you are so creative! Oh, and you are also amazing at being on TV. How many people can keep their cool on camera like that!?  You are one of the sweetest and most caring people I've ever met, keep on showing the world that nice guys finish FIRST! 


Hailey - I love your sense of humor and the ridiculous things you say! You have me cracking up all the time, and it's great to have a fun friend to make jokes with! It's also great to have a friend who is such a talented hair stylest and makeup artist! Seriously, I've never felt prettier than the day that you dolled me up! Not to mention your bobby pinning skills are so amazing that I got to keep my hairstyle for 2 whole days! Really, I need to learn how you did that. And my mom wants to know what kind of curling iron you have :) 


Erin - What would I have ever done without our Swedish fish eating and fake yearbook making in High School? We joked that we should have been the ones who designed the yearbook, but for reals, YOU should have designed it. Your design skills are off the chart! I love your amazing eye for style and your ability to execute you designs so perfectly. It's one thing to have the computer skills to pull off the things that you do, but it's another to have a sense of how to make things look good, oh and it's another thing to have practically taught yourself on top of that! I admire your brains and your ability to think for yourself. You've gone through some tough shiz, and you've kept on truckin and made it out on top. Way to be homie. 

Oh, I also need to thank you for receiving my endless stream of Facebook messages. Let their abundance and frequency be a sign of how much I truly value your opinion.

I love you all and hope you keeping on doing all of the things that make you so amazing! And I hope everyone reading this post has friends as amazing as mine :)  But.... I still don't know if I'm over all of my jealousy of everyone and everything I see on Pinterest...

10:22 AM on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Saturday morning! Weekends are the best! Staying up late and sleeping in, that's what it's all about, right? Maybe... Let's see if any of the Undone moms got to sleep in this Saturday.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 10:22 am on a Saturday

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Dreaded Binky {Frequent Frustration}

Yes! to start this off little Maddux is 2 {almost 3 at the end of this month} and he still uses a binky at bed and nap time {It stays on the bed and it is only allowed those times, so at least we are weaning him from it}. Ugh I know I told myself I would never allow that this long. I mean don't get me wrong I loved the binky when he was a baby, and my other little man {7 months} uses one right now, but I wish we would have taken it away by 2.

It is obviously only a comfort thing too, because when I go and check on him at night after he falls asleep or during his nap he doesn't even have it in his mouth anymore. But it is the first thing he asks for when he gets in his bed. I think I felt bad taking it away when he turned two because there was already so much change coming with being in a big boy bed, and soon to be having a new baby brother so I just didn't have the heart to take it away when his world was already changing so much. I just wish I would have not let it go on this long.

So, we are taking it away when he turns 3, which is the end of this month. I am kind of dreading it because I am so nervous for how he could react. I know I have to take it away and I will be. So I guess what I am asking here is for your advice. How did you take your kids binkies away? What tricks did you use? How did you help them get through the withdraws? Because this boy is addicted and I need some help.

 I have heard cut the tip off, say you lost it, give him a toy in place of the binky...but do these really work? He is my first child, I have never done this before and I could really use the advice.  Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5:44 PM on a Thursday {Roll Call}

 Thursday, oh Thursday. Not quite Friday, but past the middle of the week. I have a love hate relationship with this day. At least the weather was amazing!

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:44 on a Thursday

 Click on the see what we were wearing and doing This beautiful Thursday evening.
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