Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5:44 PM on a Thursday {Roll Call}

 Thursday, oh Thursday. Not quite Friday, but past the middle of the week. I have a love hate relationship with this day. At least the weather was amazing!

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:44 on a Thursday

 Click on the see what we were wearing and doing This beautiful Thursday evening.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:44 on a Thursday
SHIRT: Gorilla glue T-shirt stolen form brother  SWEATS: who knows,
they are my paint paints now  FLIP FLOPS: Old Navy (yes that is one brown and one
grey I didn't realize until after, oh well I was painting) SUNGLASSES: Target
Earrings: The Plaid Barn 

Today was a crazy day. It was a lazy morning, then we went to the park with some friends, ate lunch, then while the littles were napping I cleaned the house and then went to home depot and the rest of the night was spent painting a project I am working on right now. It was such a nice day and the kids came and played outside while I worked. Oh and Ty totally did all the laundry today so I could work on this. Best husband award for sure.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:44 on a Thursday
SHIRT: Chic Boutique  JEANS: Buckle (not pictured)

Well! We are finally moved out of our house. It was such a bitter sweet transition. The move itself has been pretty difficult with GG. She is taking it pretty hard. I think she is just confused. I can't wait until we find another house to move into!!! Here GG and I are just relaxing at my in-law's house. She is such a little cheese ball.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 5:44 on a Thursday
SHIRT: Wet Seal, SCARF: Aeropostale, JEANS: Arizona Jeans from JC Penny, SHOES: Wet Seal, DIAPER PURSE: Target

Don't mind my terrible messy room or crappy photo at all, I was running out the door to take Parker to soccer practice. No time to set up the camera for a good photo, or to even clear stuff out of the way. I saw the roll call text as I was grabbing my phone to leave, so it's lucky that I was able to take any photo, since I'm usually always running late! But we were actually the first ones to practice! I might need a pat on the back, because that's a rare moment! This was Parker's first soccer practice of the season, and since the weather was nice Quinn and I decided to hang out and play on the playground while he practiced. I actually wished I would have grabbed a jacket though, because by 7:00 it was getting a little chilly! That sneaky sunshine, making me think it will be "hot" outside! 

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