Friday, April 12, 2013

Family Home Movie Night {Daily Diaries}

Sometimes I get so caught up in life and running here, going there, picking this up, doing this project, going to this blog event, checking email, cleaning the house and any other day to day task that I sometimes just forget to enjoy life. Enjoy the moment and the time that I have with my little family. I am so lucky to be the mom to my two adorable boys and I need to work on letting things go and just play sometimes. Of course I have to be responsible and get the day to day tasks done but most importantly I need to spend time with my babies. The things in my life that mean the very most to me. My favorite times and memories are playing cars with Maddux on the floor, making Holden giggle and watching their faces as we play at the park together. So I am going to bask in those moments. I am going to hold them in my heart and lock them up to remember and hold onto forever. I am going to focus on playing, teaching, and snuggling my kids.

Lats night Ty and I decided it would be fun to shut down all the electronic devices {phones and computers} for the evening and just spend time together. Talk and play and watch some Wreck it Ralph. We popped some popcorn, got in some comfies, got all snuggled in the master bedroom bed, and laughed together as we enjoyed the movie and listened to Maddux quote the whole thing. So adorable. If you haven't seen this movie, get your kids, pop some popcorn and watch it. It is so cute and you and your kids will love it.

So heres to being a better mom, enjoying the moment, playing with the boys more, getting on their level and teaching them life lessons.

Happy Weekend!

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