Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Celebrating Others {Daily Diaries}

I wanted to post this last time, but then I got all tangled up with Easter basket mishaps and official business and I decided to hold off because I felt like this content deserved to shine in the spotlight of its own post. A little while ago Whitney posted this post about celebrating the success of others. Her sweetness seriously brought tears to my eyes! And the timing couldn't have been more relevant, since Hailey and I just barely watched Whitney shine on Studio 5. It felt so great to just be there for our friend. Of course it was exciting for Hailey and me to be backstage at a TV show, but the best part was cheering for Whitney. That fun experience coupled with Whit's post really made me realize how much better I feel when I celebrate my friend's successes rather than being envious of them. And I'll admit, I get envious, who doesn't? Especially with the way the internet shoves things like Pinterest and zillions of beautiful blogs in our face, it's not always easy to NOT want what others have and in turn to feel bad about yourself. Hey, that's basically what started this blog! With so many wants all around us it really does feel great to take a step back and just be happy for others. Happiness is contagious! I don't want go on and on since Whitney already wrote such a great post, but I wanted to let you all know how much I loved it and that I wanted to follow her example and celebrate some of my wonderful friends too.

So let's get this party started!


Whit - You've done SO amazing with your blog, and you deserve every bit of the recognition you've been getting lately. I'm so happy for you! Your craftiness is so impressive, and you are so creative! Oh, and you are also amazing at being on TV. How many people can keep their cool on camera like that!?  You are one of the sweetest and most caring people I've ever met, keep on showing the world that nice guys finish FIRST! 


Hailey - I love your sense of humor and the ridiculous things you say! You have me cracking up all the time, and it's great to have a fun friend to make jokes with! It's also great to have a friend who is such a talented hair stylest and makeup artist! Seriously, I've never felt prettier than the day that you dolled me up! Not to mention your bobby pinning skills are so amazing that I got to keep my hairstyle for 2 whole days! Really, I need to learn how you did that. And my mom wants to know what kind of curling iron you have :) 


Erin - What would I have ever done without our Swedish fish eating and fake yearbook making in High School? We joked that we should have been the ones who designed the yearbook, but for reals, YOU should have designed it. Your design skills are off the chart! I love your amazing eye for style and your ability to execute you designs so perfectly. It's one thing to have the computer skills to pull off the things that you do, but it's another to have a sense of how to make things look good, oh and it's another thing to have practically taught yourself on top of that! I admire your brains and your ability to think for yourself. You've gone through some tough shiz, and you've kept on truckin and made it out on top. Way to be homie. 

Oh, I also need to thank you for receiving my endless stream of Facebook messages. Let their abundance and frequency be a sign of how much I truly value your opinion.

I love you all and hope you keeping on doing all of the things that make you so amazing! And I hope everyone reading this post has friends as amazing as mine :)  But.... I still don't know if I'm over all of my jealousy of everyone and everything I see on Pinterest...


Whit said...

Tiff you are the sweetest seriously you made me cry. Love ya girl and I am so happy we are friends.

Erin J. said...

TIFF! How did I not see this before??? (Oh, I was out of town, that's right). You're so sweet and I'm feeling pretty bashful right now :)

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