Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Dreaded Binky {Frequent Frustration}

Yes! to start this off little Maddux is 2 {almost 3 at the end of this month} and he still uses a binky at bed and nap time {It stays on the bed and it is only allowed those times, so at least we are weaning him from it}. Ugh I know I told myself I would never allow that this long. I mean don't get me wrong I loved the binky when he was a baby, and my other little man {7 months} uses one right now, but I wish we would have taken it away by 2.

It is obviously only a comfort thing too, because when I go and check on him at night after he falls asleep or during his nap he doesn't even have it in his mouth anymore. But it is the first thing he asks for when he gets in his bed. I think I felt bad taking it away when he turned two because there was already so much change coming with being in a big boy bed, and soon to be having a new baby brother so I just didn't have the heart to take it away when his world was already changing so much. I just wish I would have not let it go on this long.

So, we are taking it away when he turns 3, which is the end of this month. I am kind of dreading it because I am so nervous for how he could react. I know I have to take it away and I will be. So I guess what I am asking here is for your advice. How did you take your kids binkies away? What tricks did you use? How did you help them get through the withdraws? Because this boy is addicted and I need some help.

 I have heard cut the tip off, say you lost it, give him a toy in place of the binky...but do these really work? He is my first child, I have never done this before and I could really use the advice.  Thank you in advance.


Jensen Family said...

All we did is tell our girls we were done with the binky. They were addicted as well. They cried for quite a while the first few nights but were just fine after that.

Kristie said...

I am pretty lucky. My kids go and visit one of their grandmas(they have 3) and she doesn't like to deal with binkies. So she just takes them away. By the time I go pick them up a few days later they are done. But we also did it by 14 to 15 months old. I also switched my kids to big kid beds by the time they could walk. And I didn't loose any naptimes or anything like that.
Good luck. What ever you decide, stick with it. If you give in, especially this early in life and on something so silly, your kids will be able to push you into so much more later in life. I had a neighbor who is an amazing mom. Her kids are kind, well behaved, and give service just because (usually babysitting). I said something about being the meanest mom on the block. She responded that if her kids didn't think she was the meanest mom, she wasn't doing her job right. I have thought about that a lot lately. I would rather be a "mean mom" that a "mean best friend". It is something to think about.

Melissa Stone said...

Some friends cut off the tip off then gave it back for them to try. Without the tip it's broken and doesn't work any more. Then it is the child's job to throw it away. Another friend tied the binki to a balloon and watched it float away.

Tiffany Renee said...

Bleh, Quinn is pretty serious about her binkis too! I just put her down to nap when I started reading this, and I could hear her screaming because she lost her binki! I've been trying to get her down to just having it in bed, but she's now reached the age where she's very conscious of her binki and she asks for it all the time! I think she'll be hard to break. Parker had his until 3 and I remember it was hard with him because he was always losing them and crying FOREVER at night when he didn't have one. We finally got him off it because he was big enough that we told him he had to keep track of them and find them himself and once they were all lost they were gone for good. I kind of don't care too much about "taking" them from my kids though. I don't see the harm in them having them. But they both liked the Nuk kinds that aren't supposed to mess with their teeth formation, so I guess I wasn't concerned about anything? But Quinn has decided she likes the really small sized bikini's better than the size for her age, and that DOES have me worried that it will mess up her teeth, so I probably will have to take it away instead of letting her grow out of it. Blerg. I like that binki fairy idea though, that seems like it could work!

Karlee, Tyson, Erin and Rylee said...

Both times I've gotten rid of binkies it was because I had no choice, we lost all of them and just couldn't find them, except the first one actually threw it away at the park! She didn't realize what she was doing, but I kept telling her that she threw it away. Both times they just cried a bit the first night or two and got over it. I think the big thing is to act like it's not a big deal, and the kids will pick up on that. Good luck!

Hailey said...

I'm having the same issue with my 2 year old, so let me know what works for you. I recently read about a couple that took their son to Build a Bear and had him put all his binkies in the bear. Apparently that worked great for them and I'm pretty sure he had just turned 4.

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