Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2:36 PM on a Thursday {Roll Call}

Thursday is so close to the weekend. Does this mean you like to start the weekend out early? or do you try to get your to do list done so you can play for the next 3 days? Come and see what the undone moms do on their Thursday afternoon.

Click on to see where we got our outfits and what we were up to

First off, I wanted to introduce a new fun addition we are going to be doing here on Undone. Every once and a while we are going to have a guest blogger, and then they will participate in the Roll Call that week as well. So we can get to know then even better! Fun right?! You can let us know if you are interested in participating as a guest blogger and be our guest on roll call by emailing us or leaving a comment.  So to start it off this week we have the lovely Katelyn that participated in our last roll call. You may remember this talented, cute momma from the Inner Soles guest post and giveaway a couple weeks ago.

DRESS: Walmart  UNDERSHIRT: Walmart 
 CARDIGAN: Downeast  SHOES: Target 

Katelyn had been at Primary Children's all day with her little guy. Then she was headed to a wedding dinner for the rest of her evening.

 SHIRT: Albion Fit  CAPRIS: Target

I like to get all my cleaning and laundry done on Thursdays so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend with my family and friends, and this Thursday was no different. I was in my comfy clothes cleaning until right before the hubs came home and then I got ready, went to my first treatment of laser hair removal {more about this later}, and then later that night I went to Zupas and visited with friends from my ward for the relief society activity. It was a good day.
SHIRT: Zummies  PANTS: DownEast Outfitters

Two Thursdays ago was spent preparing for our road trip to CA. I ran errands, packed and did laundry. Here I am at the end of the day with my two loves. Looking forward to a great vacation. 

HOODIE: U of U Bookstore, SHORTS: Aeropostale

Holy, laziest day of my life! Yeah, I was doing NOTHING practically all day this Thursday. I've been way busy lately and just needed a break, so I took one! I promise I got dressed right after this picture though! 

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