Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2:40 PM on a Monday {Roll Call}

Monday funday! Right? Ok, not usually. Does ANYONE like Mondays, or are we a world full of Garfields? Let's see how the Undone moms are coping with their Monday afternoon.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:40 pm on a Monday

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{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:40 pm on a Monday
JACKET: Adidas store in Rome, TANK: Aeropostale, PANTS: Ross

Are you intimidated by my massive muscles and my tough guy face? It's ok, I won't hurt any of you guys - as long as you don't make fun of my butt in these tight pants... So I decided to sart a little bit of a work out plan on this glorious day. I'm not very good with working out or keeping a routine, so hopefully I can stick with it and get in shape before the zombiepocalypse hits, because right now I can't even out run my two year-old! Wish me luck! 

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:40 pm on a Monday

 HOODIE: Albion  LEGGINGS: Target

Today was  a super low key day as you can tell from my apparel. During this time the boys were napping, I just ate lunch and was just about to go and run some errands. Yes I ran errands like this...oh well. Later that evening we were supposed to go and watch Ty play flag football with his law school league, but the other team had to forfeit so it was cancelled, so we played outside with the boys for a while since it was a nice day and they were bummed we weren't going to the game. It was fun family time.

{UNDONE} Real Life Mom Fashion - 2:40 pm on a Monday
HOODIE: Ross, JEANS: Buckle

Here I am in mine and Jared's room. This is my little makeshift vanity. A little desk and a seperate mirror. (That obviously Grace got her sticky hands all over. She even got hold of my mascara and put it all over the mirror. She keeps me busy. Also, I can't wait until we have our own place again. We are pretty squished here). Today was another typical day living with my inlaws. Wake up, eat breakfast and take care of the Gracies (93 year old grandma Grace and 1 year old baby Grace). My life is not so exciting right now. We did have a little family night when Jared got home from work. And Gracie cried basically the whole time. hahaha! How do you keep little kids attention?! She's definitely entering her terrible twos. Heaven help me!!!

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