Wednesday, May 15, 2013

8:04pm on a Friday! {Roll Call}

Friday is most looked forward to in the Gomez household. Daddy is home for the weekend which means playtime, date nights, relaxing and more playtime! What did these mommies look like last friday? Let's take a look! 

Read all about it right here! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real LIfe Mom Fashion - 8:04pm on a Friday

SHIRT: Forever 21 JEANS: Old Navy UNDERSHIRT: DownEast Basics JEWLERY: Forever 21

Friday was a pretty fun day. My parents came to visit and brought us dinner from Rumbi Grill. We hung out and played with GG until we all got a hankering for some ice cream. (GG calls it cream cream. lol!) So we went to Cold Stone at Jordan Landing and ate our cream cream under the night sky. It was so nice and warm outside! I'm loving the warmth that spring brings! YAY for warm weather! And for weekends! We celebrated Mother's Day by hanging out at my in-laws' and then going to my parents' house and hanging out with them. I got a new curling iron and a new pair of capris for our Disneyland trip! I can't wait to take GG to Disney! She is going to LOVE it! Now to find the perfect "Rella" (Cinderella) outfit for her to wear......

{The UNDONE Blog} Real LIfe Mom Fashion - 8:04pm on a Friday
SHIRT: Ross, TANK: Aeropostale, JEANS: Arizona Jeans - JC Penny

I actually put effort in to picking out what I thought was a cute outfit on this day, but I never got around to doing my hair and make up. Such is mom life, I guess. The best part is that I ended up going outside and trimming trees and pulling some weeds in these clothes! It wasn't my plan when I got dressed, but when I was outside with Quinn and saw things that needed to be done I just had to do them right then! Good thing I didn't ruin my clothes! All in all it was a relaxing Friday, and I was happy that it was warm enough to wear a tank top, this one has been hanging out in my closet with the tags attached for a LONG time! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real LIfe Mom Fashion - 8:04pm on a Friday
SHIRT: Target  SKIRT: DownEast  SHOES: Target 
BRACELETS: Target  WATCH:Hubbys 

Sorry the picture is horrible quality, but you get the idea. Ty graduated from law school today. Such a HUGE accomplishment and we were all so excited and proud of him. The commencement was in the morning and then we had a lunch for him afterward at the Lion House. I was still chillin in this outfit all day just cuz I liked it. And I usually only dress up on Sundays. I wore it until I went to bed :)

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