Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bed Head Baby {Frequent Frustrations}

My kids have inherited their dad's crazy hair. Curly craziness. Well, Parker only got the crazy part. His hair had some precious little curls when it was really long before his first hair cut, but since then it's been more of the sticking up everywhere, messy variety. Which is not so big of a deal for a boy. But Quinn's hair is an entirely different story. Pretty much every time she wakes ups in the morning or from a nap her hair looks like this in the back

{UNDONE} Messy Toddler Hair

a big ol' mess! This picture doesn't do it justice (probably because she wouldn't sit still long enough for me to photograph her!).  The worst part is she HATES to have it combed! She's gotten slightly better about it over the last few months, and sometimes if I have her majorly distracted I can even get her to let me to do a cute little do, like this 

{UNDONE} Toddler Hairdo

I even found out her hair is french braidable! 

{UNDONE} Toddler Hairdo

But these cute dos only happen when she is EXTREMELY distracted. I don't even want to tell you what my bathroom looked like after the hair do in that first photo. Let's just say there was a lot of lipgloss on the mirror...

If she's not distracted it's a whole different story. She will scream and cry and run away if she senses me even thinking about combing her hair! And that crazy rats nest is not easy to get out! Most days I try to just get a tiny pony in front to keep her hair out of her eyes, and then maybe throw the rest of it in to a pony tail in the back to wrangle the craziness. But then lots of other times (like today) she just keeps that mess for the whole day because I just don't have any fight in me. She really hates to have her hair combed. When I can do the ponies without a comb it's usually fine, but as soon as she sees that comb coming she freaks! 

Any mommies have tips for making hairdo's and combing a more pleasant experience? It's making me sad to have to fight with her! I was looking at  Knot Genie brushes, but a friend said they were hard to hold, so I decided against it. Then I saw a cute princess brush in the shape of The Little Mermaid at the Disney Store, and it made me think if she had a really cool brush maybe should would actually want to brush her hair. The trouble is I haven't found anything like that since. I really wish I would have brought that brush then! She has actually gotten better over the last 4 or 5 months, but it's still not fun, so if anyone spots an adorable brush that would make a two-year-old excited about combing her hair, let me know! Or if you have any other tips on this subject, let me know those too! 

Curse Darren and his cute curly hair genes!!!

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