Thursday, May 16, 2013

Family Photo Stress {Frequent Frustrations}

The month of May has already been crazy in my house - Parker's birthday was on Monday and we've got a party coming up on Saturday, we've had soccer practice and games every week, friends in town, babies born, ect, ect, and there is still more craziness to come! My sister and my cousin are both graduating high school at the end of the month, and that means tons of family in town AND a trip up to Montana. Throw a family photo session in there and I'm spinning.  Gifts to buy, parties to plan, outfits to choose.... Tiffany is on overload.

Right now the one that is giving me the most trouble is the family photo prospect. As I've mentioned before, I'm not good a making decisions. ANY decisions. But it does seem like the more trivial the choice is, the more it throws me for a loop. I have no idea what to wear for these family pictures! It's probably not helping that I just had to pick out clothes for family photos in October. I need more down time before I have to coordinate four outfits again! But the biggest problem is how much I love those photos!

{The Undone Blog} Fall family photos

{The Undone Blog} Fall family photos

I want something way different, because it's Spring and also I just want variety, but everything I'm liking is similar to the look in the fall photos! Grrr... It's too much to think about! My brain says, "This dress would be cute! No wait you wore a dress in the last photo. What about this cute red shirt? No, no red. Oh navy would be nice on Quinn! Hmmm, we had navy in the fall photo"....

It also doesn't help that I just like the look of fall clothes. Sweaters, button ups, and boots are just so cute for pictures! I need help! What do people wear in spring photos!? I've been scouring Google, Pinterest, and our closests, but I have yet to find the perfect color scheme and clothing style. It's important to me that the colors in the photo look good with our family room decor, as well as looking cute on us, which I think is what keeps drawing me to navy and red. But I've done that!

I've seen lots of cute stuff with yellow, but I just don't know if yellow would go in our room. We have brown leather and wood furniture, grey walls, with a red accent wall and turquoise accent pieces in the room. We've already had a photo with turquoise clothes, so that color option is out (which is a shame because I'm seeing SO much cute aqua stuff lately!). I am kind of drawn to this vibrant emerald green that is the Pantone color of the year.

but then I'm not finding the clothing pieces I like in this. I really want some jeans or leggings, or even a skirt for Quinn in this color.
Green, white, navy and grey? Why am I so drawn to navy and grey for our neutrals? Maybe because that's Darren's entire closet. I'm not entirely sure if the green will go though, but we just added a bunch of house plants, and I'm feeling that I like green in our space. I don't know.

Bleck, bleck, bleck. Maybe I'll just go entirely neutral with white and grey and forget the "pop" of color all together! Because not only is picking out the colors hard enough, it's trying to figure out what to put on each person to not look overloaded or entirely matchy matchy! Really, seriously, it's too much to think about.

To add another level of complications, my Grandpa is our photographer, and since he's old school, he wants everyone in the "big" family picture to wear a white shirt and jeans. We can wear whatever we want for our single family pictures, but I don't really want to have to do a big wardrobe change on my whole family, so I'm trying to keep in mind an easy switch.

ANYWAYS, here are some of the pieces I'm liking. Someone come make everything work together for me please!

{The UNDONE Blog} Love Culture Lace Tops
in white with a green tank underneath or green pants

{The UNDONE Blog} Boy's Cherokee Green and Blue T

{The UNDONE Blog} Men's Green and Blue Striped Shirt

{The UNDONE Blog} Girls Grey Polka Dot Jacket

I think that jacket would be so cute on Quinn with green pants! That's the only thing I'm really really wanting to include at this point. Everything else is still up in the air. Well... even the jacket is not set either, because I was starting to think that Quinn would look adorable in a denim jacket, so yeah....  And of course all of these things don't really go together, they're mostly things I like alone. You get that I need help, right? Like mental help. But if you can't offer that I'd appreciate your input on my family photo outfits, that might increase my mental stability a little at least. Does anyone else think this much about what to wear in a picture? Or am I really that crazy? 

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