Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kitty Hair Cut {Daily Diaries}

Remember awhile ago when I complained about my dog? Well, it turns out she's not the only animal in the house that drives me crazy (just the most crazy), and it's not just her hair that's guncking up my carpet and making my clothes furry. We've got two kitties who work their hardest to cause me grief as well, and one of them is an uber fluffy monster who just might shed worse than the dog (good thing he's a much smaller creature!)

Everyone, meet Yoda
{The UNDONE blog} fluffy Maine Coon Cat

I am definitely a cat person (so don't hate on me animal lovers, because I'm not a total pet grinch), but I pretty much NEVER pet this cat because his hair is just too much to handle! Oh and he also thinks that he can't be pet without his tail being directly in your face, so that might be another reason why I avoid petting him....

Oh, and I don't really pet this cat because I sort of don't love him so much because he has straight up DESTROYED some brand new furniture pieces in our house... But ANYWAY, that's it's own post, this post is about the shedding craziness.

So a little about Yoda cat - we found him when he was a sweet little fluff ball kitten walking around our yard one night. We took him all through our neighborhood trying to find his home, and called around to see if any kitties were missing. Since no one claimed him and he had really matted fur and broken nails, we concluded that he was a stray and we had to keep him. Had to. Even though when we got our first kitty I passed on the super de duper adorable fluffy baby kittens and got the slightly older, non-fluffy kitten because I knew what those fluffy babies would grow up to be, and I DID NOT want to deal with a sheddy cat. Then a sheddy cat was dropped right on to our doorstep, and couldn't be turned away once he spent a couple of days with us. But rest assured, the fluffy sheddy-ness has been just as annoying as always knew it would be.

We've had Yoda for almost 4 years, and every year I curse when shedding season arrives and I'm finding little fluff balls EVERYWHERE, and I swear up and down that I'm getting the cat shaved. His hair comes out in CLUMPS, and it's way frustrating to find little brown fur spots all over my freshly vacuumed carpet. Not to mention, he loves to be outside and often drags some of the outdoors in with his fur. Fluff balls AND leaves everywhere. It's nice. NOT.

Well this is the year people, and this is the day, I finally took Yoda to get his hair cut! And I kinda got a little bit overly excited about it. We decided to get him a "lion cut", which I find absolutely HILARIOUS! It's so ugly and so funny at the same time that I can't even contain myself. As Parker and I were laughing our heads off last night looking at pictures of cats with lion cuts, Darren says that he's making this my mother's day gift, as if it will make me less happy and giddy about the kitty grooming, but what he doesn't know is that this is a FABULOUS gift! Oh the laughing will never end. And the shedding will end. Double whammy!

So at 10:00 today we dropped this fluffy mess of at the groomer
{The UNDONE blog} Fluffy Maine Coon Cat

and at 1:30 we picked up our freshly de-fluffed Yoda cat!

{The UNDONE blog} Maine Coon Lion Cut

My aunt and mom said that I'm mean, but this is definitely going to benefit him, right? Think how nice and cool he will be in the summer, and how comfortable the lack of leaves, bugs, and burrs will be! This is totally benefitting him. Totally. It's just an added bonus that I love his cuteness 20 times more now! I seriously grin ear to ear every time I see him walk by. What could be a better Mother's Day gift for a kitty mama? Nothing beats endless smiles!

Anyone else out there have long haired cats? This is my first experience with grooming, and the pet groomer said Yoda did awesome! So I think I might make this an annual thing. Hopefully I can get a better photo of him and update you all on the awesomeness! Here's one more from the groomer's just for fun...

Put the camera away, I'm not decent!!!
{The UNDONE blog} Maine Coon Cat Lion Cut

Oh, it really is never ending fun!

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Karlee, Tyson, Erin and Rylee said...

Oh, the poor thing! He was so pretty!

Tiffany Renee said...

He actually LOVES it! He's been so friendly and wants us to pet him all the time! Even though he looks silly, at least he feels good! lol.

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