Friday, May 10, 2013

Shout out to the Ladies! {Daily Diaries}

In honor of mothers day, I thought I would take a minute to honor all of us mommies out there. Even the mommies who don't have children yet, but who want children. Now, I know mothers day is all about celebrating our own mothers, but I want to celebrate YOU! That's right! YOU! Mothers all around the world selflessly, happily, and honorably take care of their children everyday. And this usually takes place with little or no thanks/recognition.

 So I'm here to thank you for being a good mother. Thank you for changing that really stinky diaper. Thank you for making your kids lunch and then putting the dishes in the dishwasher. (Go you!) Thank you for doing laundry so your kids would have something to wear tomorrow. Thank you for taking out the trash when your husband forgot for the millionth time. Thank you for rocking your baby to sleep instead of vacuuming or putting on makeup. Thank you for not punching the pre-teen on the Merry Go Round at the zoo who was threatening to slap your 1 yr old. (True STORY! It's a good thing I'm so nice.)Weather you take care of your own kids, or you don't have kids yet. THANK YOU for doing a great job.

I found these quotes and thought that they were very appropriate for mothers day. So here is some thanks and encouragement from someone else besides me :)

As a mom I'm never sure that I'm doing the right thing/s with Grace. It's so important to let go of the small things and just enjoy being a mom. So what if I gave Grace a cookie before 10am today? lol! I deserve the coolest mom award! Don't guilt yourself. Forgive yourself!

Totally self-explanitory. No one is perfect. Just try to be good. In ALL aspects of your life. 

Celebrate YOU!!! There is no other woman like you in the entire world! And your kids love YOU!!!!

I saved the best for last. After all, we are mothers. And we all had NO idea how much we would love our children until they were placed in our arms for the first time. We silently promised our small babies that we would take care of them and protect them until our last breath. We are modern day Braveheart's for our children! (As we should be.) 

I hope all of you Undone Ladies take a second this Mothers Day weekend and tell yourself how awesome you really are! Us women work hard every single day! Give yourself some credit. Go buy yourself a cupcake. Because YOU deserve it! 


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