Thursday, May 23, 2013

Terrible Two Tornado {Frequent Frustrations}

Instead of "Terrible Twos" the saying should really be "Terrible Toddler Times", because we could only be so lucky that it would start and stop at 2. Not even.

Quinn has pretty much mastered the whining and tantrum throwing stage of the terrible two's, so now she's moved on to the Tasmanian Devil search and destroy mode. The stage where silence is never good.

Of couse she's been getting into stuff and making messes since she became mobile, but she really has taken it to a whole new level. Messes on an epic scale coupled with straight up destruction.

Breaking hangers by pulling all of her clothes out of the closet,

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - Broken Hangers

and emptying my beauty supply drawers.

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - epic messes

She's really become a little tornado! Her two favorite things are currently ripping and scribbling.

Many, many books have become casualties of Quinn the Ripper

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - ripped books

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - ripped books

EVERY page ripped out. I was being optimistic in thinking I could fix things when it was just The Little Mermaid that was ripped up, but as the pile of pages on Quinn's bedroom floor began to grow daily I started rethinking that plan, and of course just left all the ripped books in a pile on the floor for a month...

All books with paper pages have since been moved into the hallway where Quinn can't get up from her nap and destroy them while I think she's sleeping. Too bad she had already laid waste to so many poor books before I came up with this solution.

But she still found a way to show me who's boss by turning to her first love, graffiti, and defaced said hallway bookshelf.

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - drawing on walls

If Quinn ever gets her hands on an item that is capable of "marking" she doesn't waste time leaving her mark on any available surface. Like bookshelves - or her brother's toy box, the bathroom floor, doors, walls,

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - drawing on walls

{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - drawing on walls


{The UNDONE Blog} Terrible Twos - makeup

I don't even know what to do with this girl! Every time I think I've got her wrangled in she shows me some new way to wreak havoc. What's worse is how quiet and efficient she is at it! She can shred a book in 2 minutes, or have her whole face covered in the moment I look away to pull my hair into a ponytail. It's a little frightening. Darren keeps saying, "where were you when she drew all over the door?" and most of the time I have to admit that I was right there in the same room with my eyes off her for 2 seconds! What to do!?

Right now my life is a lot of deep breaths and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers...

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