Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2:29 PM on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Saturdays are the best! Sleeping in, maybe a little chores during the day, and going out at night! Let's see what the undone ladies were up to this lovely weekend!

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SHIRT: Downeast Outfitters  UNDERSHIRT: Undercover Mama
LEGGINGS: Albion Fit

Saturday was a busy day full of cleaning out the garage. I know it sounds exciting right haha. It really was pretty great though, it felt so good to go through all of our bins and get rid of a bunch of stuff that went in the garbage or DI. Purging feels so nice! Once the kids were down for naps I took a break from organizing and headed around town to do some last minute father's day shopping I knew what I wanted to get Ty I just hadn't gotten around to it until then. I got home then we packed up the whole family and headed out to Zupas for a family date then went shopping for our dad's gifts. The rest of the night consisted of putting the kids to bed, I did a 5 mile run (I am training for the Ragnar Race), and then we ended the night with a movie. We watched Safe Haven and I loved it, I want to go buy it now.

SHIRT: Kohl's, SKIRT: Charlotte Russe, SHOES: Rampage, 
WATCH: Fossil, EARINGS: Butte MT farmers's market

I love bright green lately! I snagged this shirt for only $4 at Kohl's and it's definitely one of my new favorites. I love it enough to wear long sleeves in the summer! Luckily this day had perfect weather, so I wasn't sweating while running errands on a Saturday afternoon. 

SHIRT: Chic Boutique JEANS:(not pictured lol) Buckle

Sometimes all I am is a seat for Gracie to sit on. I was lying on my tummy on the floor and gg felt the need to come over and make the most of her momma. I did get to go house hunting and go out to a movie with my hubby though!!!! This saturday was a great saturday! Obviously I'm a lot more undone than most, as of late. But thats ok. Hopefully this phase in my life will only last a minute. Here's to being MORE organized!!!

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