Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bow Sandals Tutorial {Practicing Pinterest}

So every now and then I actually DO re-create something I've seen on Pinterest rather than just oohing and awing and feeling good about myself for wanting to do it.

One of those rare moments was inspired by these super cute bow sandals

{The UNDONE Blog} Black Bow Sandals

Right away I pinned them to the "My Style" board, which is usually more like "Things I Like But Can't Afford or Obtain" board and where cute things go to die. But when it was time for summer shoes to come out I realized that not only can I make my own version of these shoes, but it would be SUPER easy! So here's how goes.


* T-strap sandals
* About 2ft of 1/2 inch ribbon
* 2 alligator clips (you can find these at almost any beauty supply store)

I had everything on hand, so this project was totally free for me!

I started out with these old shoes

{The UNDONE Blog} Black T-Strap Sandals

Then I made two beautiful bows with the assistance of this video

{The UNDONE Blog} Tie a perfect bow

I sealed the edge of the ribbon with a lighter then took an alligator clip and put it through the back knot of the bow. If you're less lazy than me and want your bow to be a little more durable you can secure it with a stitch or glue it down to the clip. I just didn't feel like waiting for the glue gun to warm up today.

{The UNDONE Blog} Make a Bow Clip For you Sandals

Lastly I clipped the bow on to my shoe through the loop that connects the two straps. And voila!

{The UNDONE Blog} DIY Bow Sandals

So EASY! And I love them! Now these shoes are fancy enough to wear with dresses and will be a great sub when I'm just not up for heels - which is probably anytime I will be on my feet for more than 20 minutes... I chose to use a clip instead of gluing the bow down because I like to have options. You could seriously clip ANYTHING on to these shoes and change them up a million ways! I have a few other pairs of T-strap sandals that just might be borrowing these bows...

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple tutorial! Go ahead and pin it if you like it so you too can feel good about yourself for actually "Practicing Pinterest", no one has to know it only took you 20 seconds...

{The UNDONE Blog} DIY Bow Sandals

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