Friday, June 14, 2013

Crazy Town {Daily Diaries}

I would like to apologize for my lack of posts lately, blogging kind of got neglected because I've been living in Crazy Town! Alright, maybe that's dramatic, I'm sure it only felt like crazy town to me because I'm Mrs. Stressy McStresspants who can't handle stress. Oy, it's awful being in my head when all of a sudden a zillion things need to be done. It's sad to say I think I've even gotten worse over the years. I think being done with school and free of working retail, where I had multiple stressors everyday, has caused me to forget how to deal. Of course, raising kids is stressful, but it's a different kind of stress for me, less deadlines looming over me. Those deadline are what really get my cortisol levels through the roof, and let's just say last weekend was the deadline for EVERYTHING EVER! Sort of. Maybe not everything ever, but there were a significant amount of events taking place in the span of a few short days and just thinking about it was enough to make me feel overloaded.

So everything ever really means two graduations, a book club meeting, and a family photo. That doesn't seem like that much right? Well maybe it wouldn't be if I hadn't volunteered to make all the decorations for my second-to-baby sister's graduation party on Friday night, AND offered to set up, OR if the second graduation wasn't over 400 miles away in Montana a day and half later. Squeezing a book club and a huge family photo in between was just the icing on the cake. Before the weekend even started I had to find the outfits for the photo, get the graduation gifts (I wanted something a little bit more than just cash for my little sis), plus I wanted my house to be super-d-duperty clean in case any relatives needed to crash at our place. Then there was just my regular crazy life of living with a two-year-old, a man child, and a boy child who has school events and playdates everyday. Are you starting to see why I wasn't blogging much?

Maybe for a normal person it would be more manageable, but I'm a perfectionist, over analyzer, stress case. Also, throw in the fact that Darren ended up taking a last minute work trip to Seattle from Tuesday to Thursday, AND there's been some other stress related to Darren's job, so yeah, I like to think maybe a normal person would neglect their blog too.

It was rough because I wanted to have everything done by Thursday afternoon, but that didn't really happen. I was at my parents' decorating until about 2am that night, the bags didn't get all the way packed until right before they were loaded into the car on Saturday, and LOTS of the house was left uncleaned. But oh well, I survived the days leading up and got to have a majorly fun time once the weekend hit.

Little Sister's graduation was great and all the decorations turned out super cute. And let me tell you, there were some headaches involved with these decorations. I only spent, oh, just a few hours on the computer designing things (because I'm crazy indecisive and can't even pick fonts!) before my program crashed and I lost half of it! There may have been tears. But at least I was much quicker at putting things together the second time around, and it all turned out sooooooo cute!

{The UNDONE Blog} Graduation 2013, Graduation Decor, Pom Poms, Red, White, Silver

{The UNDONE Blog} Red and Black Graduation Decorations 2013

{The UNDONE Blog} Red and Black Graduation Decorations 2013

{The UNDONE Blog} Red and Black Graduation Decorations 2013

{The UNDONE Blog} Red and Black Graduation Decorations

{The UNDONE Blog} Red and Black Graduation Decorations, Congratulations Banner

This picture is crap and it doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I could get of the epic banner I made. It's really hard to get a photo of something taped to a sliding glass door!!!

So much work! But it was worth it! Congrats Sister! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Graduation 2013

{The UNDONE Blog} Graduation 2013

I feel so old to have my little sister all grown up! I remember when this little bugger was born! Seriously, I changed her diapers. 

I also changed this little lady's dirty bum...

{The UNDONE Blog} Graduation 2013

My cousin is only a few weeks younger than my sister and she ALSO graduated over the weekend! Of course we had to make the trek up to Montana to see her walk! Yay for road trips with kids! NOT! Close to 7 hours in a car with a 2-year-old is never ideal, but thanks to the iPad, Quinn was actually really good on the way there. The way back was a little different, but I suppose we can't be that lucky.

The trip was short but sweet. We jetted out right after our stressful family picture on Saturday - I think I actually picked some cute outfits, but due to time constraints and grumpy toddlers we'll be lucky if any of the photos actually turned out :(  Blerg to that. At least we got a fun 1.5 day mini vacation in the end. Quinn LOVED swimming in the hotel pool. She has been obsessed with swimming lately and keeps saying "swim a mermaids!". I have no clue where that came from, but I think we need a mermaid doll for the pool!

Aside from the pool we also had a great time at my cousin's graduation party on Sunday.

Congrats Cuz! We're so proud of you!

I wish we could have stayed in Montana longer. It was so fun getting to spend so much time with my family over the weekend, even though it was major stress leading up to it! I forgot to mention how I was speed reading to be prepared for a book club meeting on Friday night (yeah, that's right, I'm in a book club, I'm cool like that. lol.) which ended up being cancelled. I was secretly grateful for that, because it meant I got to spend more time with my relatives who were in town for my sister's graduation - even though I killed myself to finish that book! I pretty much killed myself over everything, so I guess it's just the way it goes. Now my house is a giant mess again, the bags have yet to be unpacked, and all Quinn wants to do is swim. But at least I can relax a little bit. No deadlines looming about, making me nervous, just regular life messes and stresses. I guess I'm back from Crazy Town, for a little bit at least :)

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