Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keep on Keeping up with us! {Announcement}

Many of you avid blog readers might know that Google Reader (the main way many people "follow" blogs) is going away. Frowny face, right? But fret not, you don't have to lose track of all of your favorite blogs, including this one! There are lots of other ways to follow our blog, so jump on it and update the way you follow now so you don't miss anything! Here are some of your options for following Undone.

Bloglovin' - if you want something similar to Google Reader this is a great option. It keeps all of your blogs in one place and even has options for managing your own blog.

*Follow Undone HERE

Facebook - Does this one even need an explanation? The only drawback to using Facebook to follow all your blogs is that you might be missing out on some posts. You're not always getting everything from everyone on Facebook, but you can add your favorite blogs to your pages feed to help you see more content!

*Follow Undone HERE

Twitter - We tweet all of our most recent posts, and unlike Facebook, there's no filter, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything! If you don't mind your blogs being filed in with all your other tweets, twitter is an easy way to keep up.

*Follow Undone HERE

Networked Blogs - Again, this is similar to Google Reader, keeping all your blogs in one place. Another great option if you like what you already had.

*Follow Undone HERE

Email - Want your blogs sent right to your inbox? Follow by email! Check out the very bottom of our blog to find this option - along with the other options mentioned.

Google Friend Connect through - If you clicked the little blue, "Follow Us" button with Google Friend Connect and you read your blogs through Blogger, they should still be there. As far as we know, only the Google Reader portion of this is going to be shut down, and your reading list on Blogger, SHOULD remain intact! But if you're nervous go ahead and sign up for Bloglovin' or any of the other options we mentioned. Oh, and if you're not following us at all, go ahead and do that too ;)

If there's anything we missed, let us know! So far these are the main ways Undone is being published, if you think our blog needs to be posted on a different platform, let us know! We hope this post helps you keep on keeping up if Google Reader was you main source of blog fun!

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