Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nursery Check In {Room Roll Call}

A few weeks ago we spiced up our Roll Call posts a little bit by bringing in a guest (if you want to be a Roll Call Guest go HERE and shoot us an email), and now we've got EVEN MORE Roll Call fun coming your way.  This week we would like to introduce Room Roll Call, which is exactly what it sounds like. Remember a while back when we all shared post about where are littlest ones sleep? If you haven't seen those posts you can find them HERE, HERE, and HERE. It was super fun for us to share a bit of homes with you guys (particularly our cutest and most favorite rooms), but that wasn't the only reason we did those posts. We wouldn't be Undone if those rooms actually stayed in the condition they were originally photographed, and what could be more fun than a home tour, except and Undone home tour?

So here's the set up. Every now and then we're going to post about our homes, featuring the rooms we love most, the ones we hate, the ones we spend the most time, the ones you want to see, ect. ect.  Then, after we've shown the room in it's best shape, we're going to come back at some random time and give you a Roll Call of what that room is looking like. Just like our fashion Roll Call, it might be fabulous or it might be a disaster, you never know what you're going to get.

Alrighty, now that you've got the low down on the situation, are you ready to see it? Here is a our very first room roll call, featuring NURSERIES!

 I wont lie to you. I had just cleaned Gracie's room like an hour before I got the "Room Roll Call" text. How lucky is that?! We had just gotten back from vacation so her room was a DISASTER! So this looks so good compared to what it was. Keep in mind, we are living with my in-laws right now so if you don't recognize Gracie's room from our first nursery post, you've got a good eye. Right now her room is still in a bit of disarray. It's crowded and cluttered. We just don't have as much room as we used to. So. This is her room for now. And it's clean! YES!!!!

I hate to admit this, but this is not the messiest Quinn's room has ever been. She can be a little tornado some times, and since she found out how to open her closet door her room is basically never clean! I can't really say she put those dirty clothes on the floor though :/  Yeah, I know, I'm a bum. BUT I cleaned this room up the next day so we could shampoo the carpets, and there have been no dirty clothes on the floor since! Go me! Other than the crazy mess you might have noticed THE ADORABLE CINDERELLA BED! We got it! Like 2 weeks after I made the original nursery post I noticed the bed was no longer available online and I started to get worried that if we didn't make a decision on it soon we wouldn't be able to get it all! So I jumped and we went to the furniture store, and we left with the LAST ONE! Whew, glad I went for it! She totally loves it. One day I'll make an updated nursery post (or more like a big girl room post!) and give you guys a better glimpse of how I rearranged the room and how Quinn is doing with her "big girl bed". 

So the above picture is so embarrassing, but yes that is half of the ABC wall down. Maddux is a little turd and he likes to pull the letters down. They are attached with command strips so they are easy to take down. I continually put them back up and when he wakes up from his nap the ones he can reach are back down. Seriously, he is that bored in there he had to do this every time. Grrr. Anyway we are moving soon and that ABC wall is going to be in a place that he cannot remove the letter so easily if it is the last thing I do. Also, no his bed is not made, and it rarely is because when they are napping I see no point. His room is usually put together except for the ABC wall and his dresser because his toys are in another room so it doesn't get too messy, just the things he finds to destroy during nap time.

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