Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Patriotic Wood Flag Blocks {Daily Diaries}

 I absolutely LOVE the 4th of July so I thought it would be fun to share with you this fun project I made. Lets just get right to how I made these adorable 4th of July Flag blocks shall we They are sooooo easy and I love how it turned out!

What you will need:

-a 2X4 piece of wood 27-30 9inches long 
(I got mine for 51 cents in the Home Depot Clearance Wahoo!)
-A saw to cut your wood
-A tape measure
-Red, White and Blue craft paint
-Sponge paint brushes
-Wood Stain
-Wood Glue or hot glue
-Wood star (I got mine at Michaels for 25 cents)

What I did:

First things first you need to cut your wood. I measured and marked mine and had my hubby cut it for me :) He is so sweet. You are going to want two 7 inch pieces, two 3.5 inch pieces and two 3 inch pieces

***Hint if you are going to go buy some 2X4 check the clearance wood section first. I got all this wood plus there was some extra for only 51 cents

The reason why I had two pieces cut at a 3.5 and two piece cut at a 3 inch instead of four at 3.5 inches is because like you can tell in the first picture when you lay the wood on the right straight up it is too tall so I cut two of the piece at 3 inches and like you can tell in the second picture that made it all even and perfect 

Once all my wood was cut by my adorable husband it was time to paint. You are going to paint one 7 inch piece and one 3.5 inch piece white one 7 inch piece and one 3.5 piece red and one 3 inch piece blue. I also painted the wood star white.

After these were all painted I glued the two 3 inch pieces together to make it thicker. Next I sanded down the edges on all the wood pieces and the star to make it a more worn look. Lastly I got out some wood stain I had, called Early American, and I stained all the exposed wood including where I had sanded down on all the edges. I just felt like the stain finished it off nicely and it gave it the worn look i wanted.

The very last thing I did was glue the wood star onto the blue blocks and stacked them up in order. 

All done! Maddux calls it my pretty flag :) and the whole thing only cost me 76 cents because I had everything on hand except the start and 2 X 4


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