Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4:18 PM on a Thursday {Roll Call}

This was one doozy of a Thursday at Undone, but sometimes life doesn't want to be nice to us...

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion
EARRINGS, TANK, & SKIRT: Forever 21, WATCH: Fossil, NECKLACE: Aeropostale, SHOES: Aeropostale - bows added by me! 

This was one hot and crazy day for me! It was lucky that I got dressed and ready for the day right when I woke up (that RARELY happens), because I got a call from my dad around 11:00 am asking me to go check on my sister because she cut her finger while house sitting for her boyfriend's family. I don't know why he called me since I can't stand blood and I don't know anything about cuts, but after consulting Google it looked gross enough for me to decide to take her to the doctor. Which was a good plan because it turned out she needed some stitches. So the kids and I got to spend our afternoon watching my sister get stitched up, but then we all went to nearby park and ate lunch, so at least that was fun. Except for the fact that it was SCORCHING HOT! We weren't at the park for too long before we decided to head home and bust out the swimming pool in the back yard, which is when this photo was taken! 

UNDONE: Real Life Mom Fashion
SHIRT: Old Navy PANTS: Target

Wow thursday was a tough day. It started out as any other day. But mid afternoon I got a text from my dad saying that one of my dear friends had been in a terrible car accident that shut down I-15. My dad also said that she had been life-flighted to the hospital and that it didn't look good. I prayed and prayed my heart out that she would make it out alive. But, about ten minutes later I received another text from my dad saying that my sweet friend had passed away. I cried and cried and cried. So here is my after-cry face. I'm still in shock that my beautiful friend is gone, but I know that she is in a much better place. She is now watching over her family and especially her twin sister. Pray for this sweet family and that the pain from their loss will subside. Rest in peace sweet girl. You won't be forgotten in our home.

You might have noticed an absence of Whitney, that's because she MOVING, and she's a little too undone to be on Undone right now!

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