Tuesday, July 16, 2013

8:27 PM on a Saturday {Roll Call}

Only a few weeks left in July and the Undone moms have been making the most of their Summer, let find out what they were up to last Saturday! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion

Read the deets right here peeps! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion

SHIRT: Express, PANTS: H&M, SHOES: So old I can't remember, EARRINGS: Forever 21

I felt like giving you all a treat and decided to showcase my bum in this pic. Ok, really I wanted to show off my leopard heels & the cool zipper on the back of my sweet pants. Whit and I got to have an awesome girls afternoon and found some KILLER deals at H&M. Only 7 bucks for these pink cuties! What makes it even sweeter is that Whit and I both got a pair of these pants, along with the same lace top. I didn't even notice we had the same outfit until we were checking out! I guess great minds think alike! But enough about where I got my stuff and on to what I was actually doing when I was wearing it. My friend's fiance had to go to some job training out of state for a few weeks, so we had a little going away dinner for him on this Saturday. It's nice to actually have plans on Saturday night so I can have a reason to put some effort into my look! 

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion

SHIRT: Kohls, PANTS: Old Navy, EARRINGS: Buckle

Hi. My name is Hailey and I am addicted to jewelry. Especially earrings. And don't you just love these little ladies that I bought from the buckle?! The turquoise blue is my fave right now. I wear these earring like everyday. AND I found this freakin' cute shirt at Kohls for $6! They had all sorts of colors and prints. And I only bought one. Now thats what I call self control. (Go Hailey!) This saturday was busy as usual. Jared, Grace and I all got ready and headed to Babies R Us to buy my sister in-law (and my soon-to-be niece) some goodies for her baby shower that night. I bought her some essentials (diapers, wipes, desitin, baby bath etc). THEN we headed to one of my most favorite lunch-ing spots ever! Chipotle! (vegetarian bowl is the bomb.) Then we headed to RC Willeys to look at some appliances for our new home. Lets just say everything is over priced. Also, can I hire a designer to come and decorate my house for me? Just thinking about decorating and organizing is making me crazy!!! AHHH! Anyways. We ended the night with my sister in-laws shower and a good old fashioned bbq. I love saturdays :)

{The UNDONE Blog} Real Life Mom Fashion
SWEATS: H&M guys section  SHIRT: Gorilla Glue T

As you can tell by my attire we had a night in. We had date night on Friday night, we went to dinner and a movie and it was so nice to go out. So Saturday was all spent hanging out with my boys. We went shopping, ate lunch out, and went to frogurt before bed. We were all exhausted by the time it was 8:30. The boys were in bed and I already had my Pjs on and my make up off it was glorious!!! The rest of the night was spent hanging out in bed watching some Netflix.

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