Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Top 5 packing tips for moving {Daily Diaries}

We moved two and a half weeks ago and through this move along with some other moves I have been through in my life I have learned some great tips when it comes to packing and keeping it as smooth and organized as ever without wanting to pull your hair out in the end. So I came up with my top 5 packing for a move tips that I want to pass on. These make it easier to stay organized while packing, loading up the truck, unloading the truck and most importantly for unpacking once you get to your new place.  Lets be real here moving is so exhausting and the easier and more organized we can keep it the better and the more likely we are to stay sane for ourselves and our families. Moving and change is hard lets keep the packing and actual labor of the move as smooth as possible shall we.

Long story short this was a rushed move so I could use all the organization and the least amount of stress I could get.

These are my sweet boys sleeping in their bed at our old place for the last time. Yes I got all emotional about it because this is the only home either of my little boys have ever known. We moved there when Maddux was 2 months old and we brought Holden home from the hospital to this house. I am getting teary just typing this now.

Ok ok lets get to those 5 awesome tips....

{Tip No. 1}

1. Color code: This one is by far my favorite tip. Go out and get some colored duct tape one for each room or area of your home that you will be moving into. One you have assigned a color to each room as you pack you will label that box with that color tape and write with a sharpie the room and hat is in the box.

Here you can see all of my rainbow of colors once we started getting packed.

I put a big piece of tape on the top of the box and labeled it and then I put small pieces of the same color on each side of the box so no matter how the box was stacked you could see what room it went in to. This was great to keep them all organized in the moving truck and most importantly when you move all the boxes into the house you can quickly know where each box should be stored and unpacked latter.

Another sub-tip to go along with this is that when you unload the truck get the boxes in the house in the specific rooms they should be in {not in the garage or basement}. This is a good tip so that you can get all the heavy boxes in while you still have the help of family and friends from the move and then all you have to do is unpack each room. This saved me and it made unpacking so much quicker because I just wanted the boxes out of my house. 

{Tip No. 2}

2. Pack your hang up clothes in a bag. Do not waste your boxes on your hang up clothes and hanger. Keep them all on the hanger and use a big garage bag to keep them all together and easy to transport. I just grouped a whole bunch together put the bag around the bottom of them all and then tied a knot with the draw strings from the bag around the hanger leaving the hook out of the bag. This keeps them organized, less wrinkled and much easier to unpack into your new closet.

I then labeled them with the tape color of their assigned room.

I did this to all the hang up clothes including our boys. All of our clothes in dressers we just kept in the dresser. Yes this is heavy but you just take out all the drawers move them into the truck and put the drawers back in this saves a lot of time and boxes.

{Tip No. 3}

3. Wrap wrap wrap. Make sure to wrap up your valuables. The worst thing is when you unpack a box and you have broken frames, memorabilia, decor items. or kitchenware. I learned this the hard way so wrap them. It doesn't matter how just do it you wont be sorry.

Use newspaper, paper towels, bubble wrap {we happened to just already have some}, or of course use your towels. I used all our towel to wrap fragile items I didn't pack a single one on its own. This is a free and most supportive way.

{Tip No. 4}

4. Bag your hardware, screws, nails and anchors. For each room when I would take anything down from the wall {pictures, decor, shelves, wall hangings, headboards, etc} I put them in a baggie, put the tape on them that coordinated with the room they were from {I told you the color coding tape was my fav tip} tabled what was in it and packed it in a box from that room.  

This way you don't loose any of the hardware and you don't have to get new screws and nails. Lets save money anywhere we can right?!

{Tip No. 5}

5. Pack your items that will be in storage, garage or basement in plastic bins. This is huge for me if you have things such as holiday decor, camping items, baby clothes, and whatever else you store because it is not used all the time it is best to put them in bins and label the bins. Storage units can get infested with bugs or mice, basements can flood, garages can flood along with other damages. These bins protects those items.

These were in our garage at the old place, at the new place they are in the basement and I just love that they are good no matter where they go. They aren't in the garage this time because the extra space in the garage will be changed into a crossfit gym {woot! more on that to come}.

I hope these tips will help you as much as they have helped me. This really does bring the stress and anxiety level down a notch and I promise you, you will get your home unpacked so much quicker. Like I said we move 2 1/2 weeks ago during the summer holidays and crazy busy stuff going on with family visiting and I still am already mostly unpacked and even have decor on the walls.

You can thank me later. Pin pin pin my friends!


Renea Luong said...

I love your packing tips; very systematic and organized! My own tip would be, if bubble wraps aren't available, you can use bathroom towels or old shirts or clothes to cover your fragile kitchenware and decors. For electronics and other pieces of equipment, it's safer to pack them in crate as they are sturdier than carton boxes.
-Renea @

Pedro Padro said...

The color coding idea is awesome! An exciting way to start your moving plan even if the packing phase is kind of dreadful. You could at least make the moving experience less stressful by planning and organizing your stuff ahead of time. PS: for electronic equipment and wall arts, I think Renea is right; it's safe to case them in crate, especially if it will be on a long shipment. [Pedro@ ]

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