Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Rush {Daily Diaries}

Is it just me, or is Summer the busiest time of year for everyone? I swear, it's been almost non-stop events and activities for me, and this is pretty much the norm every year. By late April my weekends start filling up, and by the time school is out there is at least one thing planned for every week until September.  Thankfully I haven't made any more trips to Crazy Town, where I have 5 things going all in the same day, but the last few weeks have been go go go for me, with now signs of slowing down!

Vacations, parties, and prepping. That's my life right now! So sorry that blogging isn't on that list! But since I did happen to get a spare second today I thought I'd give you a little peek into my summer schedule.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to make another mini trip to Montana to spend time with family for a special event. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I was born and raised in Montana until I was 10 years old, and that's where almost all of my extended family lives. And I love all of my aunts and uncles, grandparents and cousins so much, but I hardly get to see them. Typically I get one Montana trip a year (usually at Christmas), two if I'm super lucky. But I guess I'm super duper lucky this year, because I've been up to Montana 3 times in the last 8 months! Yay for special events! This time it was my Grandparents' 50th anniversary party that brought us to Big Sky Country. Darren had to work, but since I got wrangled into creating a slide show for the party I told him I HAD to go, and fortunately I was able to catch a ride with one of my sisters. Score! So the party was fun, seeing my family was fun, making the slide show was, um, well, work. I got a huge box of photos, along with a list of song requests in the mail about 2 weeks before the party, so there was a lot of scanning, cropping, and music hunting going on before I got to take my vacation. Not to mention packing and Googling of iMovie tutorials! Somehow my Grandpa got the idea that if I could make my own Christmas card I could make a video slideshow.... Well I guess I can now! On the plus side I got to have a sneak peak at all of the old, and often hilarious, photos that my grandparents' wanted to share. Check it out.

Don't you love that huge bow? I sure had style back in the day? 

 And so did my parents! My sister, Alexis, and I decided this is our favorite photo of all :) Awe, they're so young and cute! 

So anyway, I learned some new skills and I got to spend some time with tons of family members who I never see (not just ones who live in Montana, but others who traveled from far away), so the anniversary party was a fun event. But this week it was back to reality. I've got yet another event coming up on Sunday, which is Quinn's birthday party! I'm planning an amazing mermaid extravaganza for my little 3-year-old-to-be! So there's lots of work going into that. I'll give you all  a little teaser just for fun (also because I don't have anything actually finished for you to look at!)

{The UNDONE Blog} Mermaid Party supplies

Oh, and then my own wedding anniversary was yesterday.... It's sad how it's just crammed in there and not really a big deal. Ok, ok, just kidding, we do care about our anniversary, but since it had the unfortunate timing of being stuck between two parties (I think Darren could tell I was getting a little stressed with so many events) we decided to celebrate next weekend.  Which was officially my last free weekend of the Summer because that next Wednesday I'm heading out to VEGAS!!! I'm so excited! There is nothing I need more than a REAL vacation with my friends. Darren is staying home with the kids, so it's going to be all about me, and I can't wait. I also get to visit some other friends who live down there, so it's a double reward! Every mom needs a little time off to do something fun just for her. Whether you've still got a bit of party animal left in you, or you just want to recharge at the spa for a day or two, it great to have the opportunity to take a time out. Especially after 3 months of Summer Rush! Has anyone else had the luxury of solo vacation, or even a fun family vacay this Summer?  I'm counting the days until mine, I love my kids, but my batteries are running low!

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