Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Pressures of Perfect Parenting {Frequent Frustrations}

Last night my beautiful friend and blogging buddy, Whitney, posted an oh so sad Facebook status about feeling like a failure as a mom.  Well Whit, you're not. Being a parent is tough, and we all feel like that sometimes! At the risk of being slammed by all the super moms out there, and maybe even child services, I'm going to let all of the blogging world in on a little secret... There are lots of moments when I wish I was a better parent. My kids eat junk food, they watch a ridiculous amount of TV, and both of them have become addicted to video games.

I've been trying harder the last few months, but I am not so great at making healthy meals. We eat a lot of Lunchables and pizza in this house. We spend a few of our dinner times in front of the TV, and we don't walk to the park, go to the museum, or even play in our own backyard as much as we should. I yell, I get frustrated, I even cry and storm out sometimes. I forget to tell the kids to brush their teeth or make them take a bath. I let the dishes pile up and I never make the beds. I give in to crying and temper tantrums. Sometimes I spend half my day on the computer and let my kids do whatever they want, and I hardly ever make them clean up their own messes. I keep talking and talking about the music, dance, and karate classes I want to put my kids in but never do.  I'm not a Pinterest perfect parent.

All of this stuff makes me feel so so so so guilty, and it doesn't help when I see examples of perfect parents (or what seem like perfect parents) online every day. Sure, my kids are fed, they're not sick, they've got shelter and love, but the internet is telling me they need so much more! I need to be so much more! Especially as a stay at home mom. I'm here with them 24/7, right? Shouldn't I be devoting every waking minute to enriching their lives? That's what other moms are doing. They don't let their kids watch TV at all, and especially not just so they can steal time to themselves! They want to be with their kids every moment, they enjoy taking care of children. Why am I so lazy and selfish? Other moms do EVERYTHING for their kids!

But I'm a person too, right? Just because I'm a grown up doesn't mean I'm perfect. I'm not a perfect mom. I'm not a perfect person. But hey, my kids are fed, they're not sick, they have shelter and LOVE. So forget you internet and society! I could be better, but I'm not the worst, and I'm willing to bet that there are a lot more mom's like me than there are Pinterest Perfect ones. And since it seems like lots and lots of kids manage to grow up without becoming totally dysfunctional, I might be doing OK as a mom. At least that's what I'm hoping ;)  So, don't worry Whitney, you're not a bad mom, and you're not alone either :)


Casey Nickerson said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I have A LOT of those days too.

Karlee, Tyson, Erin and Rylee said...

You sound exactly the same as me!! Yay!!!

Tiffany Renee said...

It's good to know I'M not a long either! Thanks guys! I thought I might have been hanging myself out to dry with this one! Haha!

Ashley Fenton said...

i could have written this!!! <3 the 'super' moms we see online are all lies!

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