Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2:09 PM on a Monday {Roll Call}

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think Garfield is right about Mondays, they really are the worst day of the week! Should we see how many of the Undone ladies agree? Check out our Monday afternoon roll call!

Read all about our Monday adventures right here...


Ran some errands today with my mom, grandma, and of course GG! I bought two new light fixtures for our home. And I'm in LOVE!!! BIG post to come soon with my house renovation. Can't wait to show you all the transformation!!! And I can't wait to move in!!! ahhhh!!!

HOODIE: University of Utah Bookstore, LEGGINGS: Target

I don't know why I'm posing like this, I just felt like giving you a different view of my everyday hoodie I guess. This was SUCH a lazy Monday afternoon for me. I basically spent the day lounging around and reading until right before this photo when I jumped in the shower. That's right, I didn't take a shower until after 2 PM. I had a busy weekend, OK! To tell you the truth, I might have skipped the shower all together if Darren and I didn't have tickets to a play later that night. Gross, whatever, I know, but sometimes I don't care. 

LEATHER LEGGINGS: Forever 21, T-SHIRT: Target Men's section

Today was such a lazy day, but Mondays usually are for me. It is hard for me to get going again. With my husbands dumb work schedule I just always feel like I am in shambles. Today, however, we did finally get our workout in at like 11:00. It was great and Maddux joined us while Holden napped, but it is hard working out that late. I don't do as well, and then by the time we are done and I shower I wasn't ready for the day until 1:00 in the afternoon. Blah, oh well, at least I put on one of my favorite {I don't care if it isn't super fashionista} outfits. It is so comfy, but also my leather leggings are my very favorite purchase and this Bazinga shirt is AMAZING! If you don't watch Big bang theory shame on you...start today you will die. I may not may not be saving this phrase into a pumpkin this year, stay tuned to see. The rest of my Monday was doing the single mom thing while Ty worked all night. I hate him gone at night.

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