Friday, October 18, 2013

3:36 PM on a Friday {Roll Call}

ROLL CALL! We're bums, it's true, we said we were back and then we went on another mini vacay. Maybe we'll be back for real this time. Cross your fingers. 

Read all about our Friday life right here

SWEATER: Target clearance rack, JEANS: Wet Seal, BELT: Aeropostale, SCARF: Aeropostale, 
EARRINGS: Forever 21, SHOES: Wet Seal clearance rack

Would you believe I got these adorable studded leopard flats for only $3 a few weeks ago?! Sometimes I find amazing deals, and I get a little bit over excited and halve to brag, so there you go. Oh, this sweater was another one of those amazing finds, only $5 two years ago! And it's been one of my faves ever since! Ok, ok, enough gushing over my deals, on to how I spent my Friday. My sister up and moved to California and this was her very last day in Utah! So I spent my afternoon having family time with 2 of my sisters and my niece at my house. It was totally bitter sweet. We had fun hanging out, but I was way said that it's going to be a while before I see her again :( 


Now, I know this isn't a full body shot! But I had to document this snuggle time with my 2-year-old. This NEVER happens. The only reason I got this snuggle is because I've been working on our home 24/7. No lie! And we are exhausted! I would do this everyday if I could get snuggles like this. Isn't her hand on my face so sweet? I love this girly!!!

LEGGINGS: Target, SHIRT: Target, SOCKS: Target, NECKLACE: Boutique, CUFF: One Little Mama

Hubby has been working crazy hours {don't even get me started}, long story short is that he graduated from law school, just passed the bar and is having a super hard time finding a job so he is back working at Chillies, and although I should be grateful he has some sort of job, I really want him to have a 9-5 job. I mean, hello he went to law school for goodness sake. That was a crazy tangent, but has a point, the point is half the time on a Friday or Saturday night you will normally find me like this, in leggings and crazy socks because they are comfortable and my hubby is not home. So there ya go.  At least I was kinda looking ok besides the socks in this one. Oh, and yes that is the best picture I could get without anyone home to help. Pretty sure the rest of this night after the littles were in bed I got into a T-shirt, jumped into bed and watched some Breaking Bad on Netflix. Not too bad of a day or night.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Whitney! The lawyer gig isn't what it used to be. Its not as glamorous as you think.

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