Friday, October 25, 2013

Technical Difficulties

So I really really wanted to do a post about Halloween costumes this week, but a terrible, no good, really bad thing happened - My computer crashed! It's pretty much really annoying. Luckily I'm married to a computer genius and he made a heroic attempt to salvage all of my files. My baby is still in the shop, but I'm crossing my fingers that Darren's magic worked. If not I'm still relatively lucky that there was nothing too important on there, except for photos for future blog posts :/  Grrr.  

So yeah, that happened and I'm posting this from my phone, which has its pros and cons. Pro being that its super convenient, and con being that I don't have access to any of the pretty photos or editing software. But maybe I can give you a cell phone pic or two of some pieces of my Halloween costume, and then hopefully I'll have my laptop back and I'll be able to show you the whole thing before Halloween actually hits!

I'm super excited about my costume this year! OK, let's be real, I'm excited every year, but this one is extra fun because I've been planning it for months, and it is almost entirely made from things I already owned! I found a pair of leggings way back in March that just screamed Catwoman, and my Halloween creative juices started flowing. So I bought the leggings and searched the internet and my closet to create my own DIY Catwoman. I just finished her up this week and I can't wait to wear my costume out with my sister tonight! And now, with my computer out of commission I'll give you this peak at my some of my DIY handiwork, and let you guess what became of this jumbled mess! 

Hopefully my computer will be up and running soon and I can share the full costume (along with my kids', because I guess Halloween is about them too. Haha!).  In the meantime we want to hear what all of you guys have planned for Halloween! Any other moms who like to dress up like me? Is your costume ready or are you using this last weekend before Halloween to finish it up? 

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