Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Catwoman Costume {Daily Diaries}

So I know it's a little late for Halloween posts, but with my technical difficulties this was as close to Halloween as I could get, and I wouldn't DREAM of not sharing my costume! So without further ado, I would like to present my 2013 DIY Halloween costume..... CATWOMAN!

The seeds for a Catwoman costume were planted when I ran across a pair of leather paneled leggings while shopping with my mom in, oh... March. I'm not really a leggings girl (I'm coming more into the trend now, but I feel a bit self conscious and my husband kind of hates them, so leggings are not my preferred apparel item), but these specific leggings were so fun, and so comfortable, and all I could think of when I saw them was how they were begging to be used for a Halloween costume. They were def Black Widow or Catwoman material. I knew it had to be Catwoman for sure when my oh so kind and beautiful daughter saw this picture of Anne Hathaway from The Dark Knight Rises and said "Mamma!" Isn't she the sweetest!?

If only. I can only dream about looking as great as Anne Hathaway, but I got to thinking that her Catwoman ensamble was totally makable, and with my new leggings it would be 90% from stuff I already had in my closet - which is how I LOVE to do costumes! So here's the low down on how I put it together.

These are the things I already had in my closet

Adidas running jacket - with some cool texture that was puuurfect (sorry, I had to!)

I got this jacket in Rome on my honeymoon, and I have to admit that it's one of the most expensive clothing pieces I've ever owned (I'm really cheap, ok), but it's also one of my favorite things ever. I'll be real, I never run, but I like the look of this jacket, that's all that matters, right? Because I love it and it was pricey, I didn't want to do any alterations to it, but it had some bright white stripes and a little logo that weren't very Catwoman-like. To fix that I used Wonder Tape to stick a black ribbon over the white stripes on the back and a small kitty cat shape over the logo on the front. Voila!

Faux leather paneled leggings from Ross - did I mention these were only $7? Another reason I HAD to get them. I've seen similar ones floating around everywhere - Forever 21, Love Culture, and H&M, to name a few places.

Black boots - These were purchased for a "biker girl" costume all the way back in 2007, and were actually one of two options for Catwoman footwear.  I thought about going with these taller, pointer boots, but they're a little too big and I didn't like how baggy they were, so I stuck with the short ones, even though The Dark Knight Rises version of Catwoman looks like she's wearing taller boots. It's all about what makes ME look cutest, right?

Burton belt - I was looking into buying a belt that looked more like a "utility belt", but I was feeling cheap and lazy, so I went with one I owned. I did make a little pocket/pouch to attach and keep my cell phone in which gave it more of the movie look, buuuuut, that's not in the picture, because I'm cool like that :)

Now here's where I spent money on this costume

Black satin gloves - $15 at the Halloween store. They go up past the elbow and I folded them over so they were just below. Had I shopped earlier I could've got some better ones with a leather look for about $10 on Amazon. But I didn't want to chance them not being on time for Halloween so I went for the safe option and got what I knew I could have right away.

Headband, Flashlights, and Fun Foam for DIY cat ears/goggles - About $4.

This is truly my favorite part of the costume, and what really made me go for the Anne Hathaway Catwoman. When I first thought about being Catwoman I was drawn to the Arkham City video game version, but I wasn't sure if I was up to the task of stuffing all of my hair into a hat (I have A LOT of hair, it's sort of ridiculous). So Anne Hathaway's look with free flowing locks was quite appealing. I figured I could probably find a cat ear headband from the movie in a costume shop or online, but I ended up finding something even better, which really made me decide that I had to, had to, be Anne's Catwoman.

THIS tutorial for swiveling Dark Knight Rises Catwoman goggles. AMAZING! I seriously loved the way her goggles flipped up to look like ears in the movie, and now I could have my own!

This tutorial involves drilling, which was a little out of my comfort zone (I'm a mess when it comes to power tools) but I decided to suck it up and give it a go. I even had a pair of broken sunglasses that I could utilize, so I couldn't not try it! And guess what? It was easy peasy! I sort of skipped some steps and went for my own simplified version, but I felt like the impact was just as awesome. People LOVED these goggles! They were really truly the best part of the costume and definitely worth the hour or so I put into making them! You can check out my cheesy Instagram video of how they work.

The final touches were some sparkly earrings, a pearl necklace (because Catwoman is the ultimate jewel thief and needs to look glam), some red lipstick (I kind of wish I'd picked a darker color though, bleh), smokey purple and black eyeshadow, long lashes, and a drawn on mask.

I hate wearing makes so I decided spending a little bit of time in the makeup chair would be better than wearing an uncomfortable mask all night long. This mask was pretty simple too. After my cool Spider-Man make-up last year, this mask was peanuts. I started out by drawing a simple outline that resemble the mask Anne Hathaway wears

Then I dampened a large eyeshadow blending brush and filled in the mask with black shadow. Done and done!

This was for sure one of the easiest costumes I've ever DIY'd, and I love the way it turned out. I got lots of compliments at the party I went to on Friday night, and even more when I went trick-or-treating with my little Batman!

P.S. I made the hat and wings for Quinn's cute owl costume too! She loves owls and was the cutest little thing! And do you like my strange husband's creepy horse mask? He barely even wore it because of the stinky plastic smell and lack of eye holes! Haha!  What did you guys dress up as? Any other Catwomen out there? We want to see your pictures! Who care if Halloween was over a week ago and they're already playing Christmas music everywhere, I would have Halloween everyday if I could!

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Anonymous said...

So amazing! My 11 year old wants to be catwoman, but the kids costumes are terrible and more gray than black. I'm going to try some of your tricks!

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