Friday, December 6, 2013

2:31 PM on a Friday {Roll Call

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.... Ok, sorry for that - if anyone remembers that... It was so last year, right? But let's face it, it's still true. You GOTTA get down on Friday. So here's what we were getting down to on Friday.

There's more right here! 

HOODIE: idk. My little brother gave it to me. JEANS: Buckle

This is the face of a happy girl! My last paint touch ups are today! And I couldn't be more excited! Getting our home ready has been more than a pain in the butt. And if I see another can of paint or another paintbrush again... I might go crazy on someone. On the bright side, our cabinets were installed and now all we have to wait for is the countertops! Hooray!!!!!!!

SHIRT: Target  LEGGINGS: Ross  BOOTIES: Target  

Ty had the morning off and I had some errands to run so we all decided to go as a family, since family time doesn't happen much these days. We just went to Target, The Wood Connection, Children's Place and a couple other places for super random things {as you can see from the picture} we needed. It was nice to be together.

SWEATER: Target, TANK: Ross, JEANS: H&M, BOOTS: Journey's, SOCKS: Target, NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe Outlet 

Check it out, I'm all dressed and ready before 3:00! Of course there is a good reason, MY SISTER WAS IN TOWN! Yay! My sister moved to California a little while ago and she came back to visit for Thanksgiving, so we had to get in a lot of play time. AND I had a whole new outfit to try out! Ok, the boots and necklace were not new, but I pulled the tags off everything else this very day! New clothes are so fun! I don't get enough of them! I had my eye on this yellow cardi for a while, and then good fortune struck me with a sale, a coupon, AND a Target Cartwheel deal, so I couldn't pass it up!!! It's probably one of my favorite pieces right now. What do you think? 


Anonymous said...

Tiff. You are absolutely gorgeous. Hailey is cute cuz I like chubby girls but Tiff is by far the most beautiful.

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