Meet the Moms

Way back in the day, the three of us ladies all went to the same Utah high school, but we didn't become good friends until we were all grown up and brought together by the common bond of motherhood and the joys of adult life. One day there happened to be a conversation about how reading so many blogs written by cute and awesome ladies was making some of us feel a lot less cute and awesome ourselves. What would it look like if we did a "What I Wore" post everyday? Not always so pretty, that's for sure. Thus UNDONE was born.

Who wants to see perfection all the time? We can't be the only ones feeling like we don't measure up to some of the adorable blog queens out there - so we created this blog, devoted to the everyday. Sometimes we're super stars, and sometimes we're those early season American Idol rejects. Whether it's hot messes or hot mamas, our goal is to share our everyday life - frustrations, creations, fashion, and family - and we hope you'll enjoy seeing every real bit of it! 

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