HI.  I'm Whitney. My amazing hubby, Ty, and I have been married for 5 years. I am mommy to our two boys Maddux (2) and Holden (newborn) and I'm a Mormon. 

Ty and I met down at SUU my sophomore year and he was fresh off his mission. Long story short (maybe ill share the long story another day) we were Best Friends for 6 months, started dating, got engaged and married in the Salt Lake City temple a year after we met. We were married 2 years had our fun just the two of us and then decided it was time to start our family. We now have two boys and they are our world.

Before the kiddies I went to school down at SUU to be a Physical Education and Health teacher. I was able to graduate with my bachelors degree back in 2009. And just recently finished up my teaching license. I student taught in a high school this last school year and LOVED it! You couldn't pay me to go back to high school as a student but as a teacher that is my dream. I was sad to be done when it was over, but I realized right now my calling is to be a stay at home mom. I don't want to miss my kids growing up. I want to see them learn and watch all their milestones, so teaching is going to be put on the back burner for a little while. Right now my life consists of supporting my hubby while he is in law school (last year wahoo) and raising our little kiddies. During nap time my passions include running, exercising, crafting (crafty blog here), redoing furniture, making junk into treasures, blogging and of course shopping.

I love my growing family and my life. I am learning everyday how to be a good mom and wife.  I am constantly relying on faith and my Heavenly Father to get me through the days. My boys teach me just as much as I teach them. We have hard days and we have really good days. I am excited to be sharing what these crazy, beautiful, undone days consists of and hope to give and receive the support all of us young moms need.

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